What the ******** are we listening to!!

What the ******** are we listening to!!

Workout Date:





One Call, Geppeto, Flash, Billboard, Bling, Wolverine

The Thang:

YHC was pumped for #Beachbells this beautiful morning.  I got there and a few of the usual suspects were already there spreading the bells out into typical circuit fashion.

Bling was informed that he will be Music Q on all Beachbells events (that might have to be adjusted after music choices were questioned, more on that later)

Thankfully the Humidity came back because we had missed it so much lately.

YHC told the PAX to limber up and get to stretching as to not pull a hammie. I was informed that this was Geppetto’s first KB workout so I should him a few pointers with special detail on the hip thrust motion.

Warmed up with KB swings one arm and two arm swings, bib boy sit ups with 20lber and bent over rows with 80lber, 10 counts on all.

2nd Round- Shoulders- lateral raises, front raises, over head press, etc.

3rd  Round-  Chest- Every bell is to be one arm pressed sets of 10 with 30, 40, 50 80 if your Billboard who was repping them hard.

4th Round- Triceps workouts extensions and such

5th round- Biceps curls for the girls all day!!

at this point YHC had to jet as I had prior obligations with a 2.0 so One call Finished it off and lead the men out.

Always an honor and privilege to lead you man in the Gloom and help each one of us get better!



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