What time does this start?

What time does this start?

Workout Date:





Fergie, Hoser, Hamburglar, Jeter

The Thang:

AO: ElevationMonday

Conditions: Clear and Cool. 54 degrees with a breeze.

AOQ Boxcar sent the last minute Q request out yesterday looking for someone to take the reigns today. A couple of the usual EM PAX ran the International Drive Race yesterday so Valvano and Bling were not jumping up to Q. YHC has been on a strict workout schedule courtesy of all around badass, FingerLickinGood, of F3RaceCity. The Monday workout looked like it could fit in for an EM beatdown so YHC took the opportunity! Lets see how this goes.

1 lap slow mosey around the track to warm up.

Quick stretch OYO.

Pick your poison: 1 Lap around the track with ruck and sandbag or two running laps. Hoser and Hamburglar chose rucks and sandbags while Fergie and I ran. Perfect timing since we all finished up about the same time.

2 rounds OYO:

Merkins x50

Squats with or without sandbag x50

Flutter Kicks with or without sandbag over chest x50

Lunges with or without sandbag x50

Choose between: 4 laps running around the track or 2 laps with rucks. Hamburglar and Fergie ran while Hoser, Jeter and I rucked. BTW Jeter showed up somewhere in that mix of P/T.

To the Stadium. Run or Ruck each aisle then Run 1 lap around the track. Run each aisle of the stadium going back the other way.

25 Merkins

25 Air Squats

Run 2 laps around the track.


Announcements: Dragon Boat Race – See Shoeless. Scavenger Hunt – Sign up with Jeter. New Directions Fundraiser – Jeter has secured his place in getting thrown off The Avista in NMB so now let’s focus on continuing to raise funds to help our local homeless shelters.

Prayers – Jeter’s Grandmother, Judy. Prayers for Humpback’s Family.

Great work! Nice of Jeter to show up 15 minutes late checking his watch on the way in as if we started early. Great to see Hamburglar as he was enticed with promises of running but he was the first to grab a ruck! Fergie was asking for something hard so I hope you got what you wanted. Hoser is always ready carry heavy stuff and do work…running…well…he can do it! Seriously, great work by all! Thank you for joining me for the EM beatdown! Always an honor!