What’s a workout without a little gas?

What’s a workout without a little gas?

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Kitten, High Interest, Chewy, Buffett, Swanson (from Lexington), Sunshine, Flash, Quaker, LaunchPad (from Tennessee), Shatter, Rice Burner, Lamont, Varsity, Bluegrass

The Thang:

On this cool fall morning, the haze hovering over the PAX as they worked out was not fog. And the sound that could be heard was not geese heading south for the coming winter. Nor was the odor from decaying fall leaves littering the ground. No, the sights, the sounds, and the smells were remnants last night’s dinner.

What exercises unleashed this gassy, pungent cacophony, you ask?

Well it started with 20 ssh, 20 little baby arm circles (forward and reverse), and 20 reps of through the tunnel.

Next, PAX ran a modified burpee mile (10 burpees before the first lap, 15 before the second, 20 before the 3rd, and 25 before the fourth, for a total of 70). While PAX waited on the 6 between laps, they did amrap big boy sit-ups.

By now the intestinal juices were really flowing. 16 minutes of tabata merkins, flutter kicks, dips, and American hammers just kept it going.

We concluded the workout with 3 wind sprints (no pun intended) and a jog back to the flag.

On a serious note, we lifted up several prayer requests, not the least of which was the Las Vegas shooting. As I write, the death toll is up to 59, with more than 500 others injured. In times of tragedy, we often acknowledge that there are no words to say, and yet we try to force them anyway. We use tragedy to defend and promote whatever views we already have about guns. Either because we’re uncomfortable with silence or because we feel like we have to make sense of things that will never make sense, we offer hollow theological claims like “everything happens for a reason,” as though these words are true or comforting–they are neither. Before we all add our voices to those that are already competing for attention, may we pause to remember the inadequacy of anything we can say, may we have the grace to forgive others for the inadequate words they will say, and may we take at least a moment to simply hurt alongside those who are hurting.

Peace, Kitten

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