What’s Said at the Hulk . . . Stays at the Hulk

What’s Said at the Hulk . . . Stays at the Hulk

Workout Date:



Rubber, Sunshine, Sampling, Quaker


Rubber, Sunshine, Sampling, Quaker

The Thang:

AO: Hulkamania

Conditions: 40 Degrees, damp

5:15 – No Minute Warning

Another Beautiful, cool morning! Great day for a run! Sunshine beat Quaker into the parking lot by a minute then we both relaxed for a few more minutes enjoying the warmth of our trucks. YHC didn’t know what his fellow PAX was thinking while we remained in our trucks, however, YHC was avoiding the cold and had been fighting every inch of the way this morning because he wanted to remain horizontal in the worse, most selfish way! But last evening when the commitment call went out, he answered with a HC and didn’tt want to let his brothers down! So after much inner turmoil, YHC stepped out into the brisk air. Was I dressed to heavy? Was I dressed too light? Who knows . . . Today the attire was all over the spectrum, one PAX sporting shorts, another in a sweatshirt & tights, and the others somewhere in between. No time to worry about our attire, it was time to run; and off we went into the gloom.

Today’s route took us up and over the bridge down past the Barc Park and the YMCA and on to 61st Avenue. At this junction we made a left so we could connect to Marina Parkway (MP) and head north. Shortly after turning left onto MP two run groups (as usual) emerged. Sunshine and Sapling out front and Rubber and Quaker a ‘few’ steps behind.  This is when mumble chatter gets a little deeper and you learn more about your fellow PAX. We discussed novel sports equipment for cold morning runs, South Florida stories, and even flowers. Although much was learned about each other, it was agreed by all that “What Happens at the Hulk . . .Stays at the Hulk”!

The run is very rewarding, however, its the comaraderie & one on one time that makes Hulkamania Fridays GREAT!!.

At the 22 1/2 minute mark we circled back and headed home. At the base of Mt Zeb (i.e. the bridge) we all kicked it up a notch and pushed one another over the bridge and down the other side. When we intersected Frontage Road we all sprinted the final 100 yrds!

All said and done, we ran 5 miles in 43 minutes!!

Announcements: P200 training!! Make payments to Hottub asap. If you haven’t experienced Hulkamania Fridays you owe it to yourself to post and be a part of this experience!

Rubber prayed us out.





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