When It Rains It Pours

When It Rains It Pours

Workout Date:





Turn&Cough, OneCall, Valvano, Bling, Lombardi, Hoser, Bubbles, Stewy, Corkscrew (QIC)

The Thang:

The Thang


Wet, Muggy,Thunderstorms but a nice 63 Degress…..Always look for the positive!

YHC had one of THOSE weekends, my beloved Tarheels lost Sunday! At least this means since I had the Q I could use my “Tarheel”workout 2 weeks earlier than the past two years when they were in the Championship game, again look for the positive! then as I woke up I hear Thunder and rain, usually means a light crowd. As I arrived at Warthog I noticed 2 cars and 2 trucks which can only mean one thing, the Ruckers were rucking in the rain. I sat in my truck and watched the rain come down on and off and then I see the 5, yes 5dark shadows walking towards me. Few more cars rolled in, not a white truck which Onecall expected from a HC from Handy? Maybe he went to Timeshare this morning. Anyway, we did our fist bumps and looked like a party with 9 total…nice numbers for a Very wet Tuesday…There’s another positive.

529 one minute warning given

Disclaimer given

The Real Thang

We moseyed ( at a faster than normal pace ) to the beloved parking deck….we entered and saw some FIA ladies running and of course I got the call out as we ran by, must be my pretty legs. We ended the so called Mosey at the lower deck and circled up.


10 Burpees OYO

SSH IC x25

Windmills IC x25

TTT IC x 25

LBACircles IC x25

Reverse IC X25

Overhead claps IC x25

CherryPickers IC x 25

Mtn Climbers IC x25

The Tarheel Workout

T-oe Taps x 50 run to other end of lot and back

A-lternating shoulder taps RT count x 50 Run

R-ussian Twist 2 ct x50 Run

H-illbillys rt count x50 Run

E-scalator¬† round 1 – 10 Burpees–20 Merkins–30 Jump squats (not what Bubbles was doing) Run

E-scalator round 2- 40 Squats– 50 lunges( 25 each leg ) Run

L-BC x50 Run

S- itups BigBoy Style x 50 Run

Mosey back to lot and the rain had stopped, another positive

Little stretching to finish with Onecall and Turn having a little close time together

Count a Rama–9

Name a Rama

Announcements Stewy Has VQ Tuesday the 27th, Ultimate Frisbee this Saturday,2.0s welcomed,¬† 2ndF lunch tomorrow Wednesday at Dagwoods MBeach and HDHH ¬†28th in the inlet starting at Creek Rats Join the fun…Bring the M

Prayer request and Prayer by OneCall


Thanks to everyone who braved the weather today and got better with me. As always a pleasure to lead.



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