When “The Rubber” Hits the Road

When “The Rubber” Hits the Road

Workout Date:



Quaker, Rubber


Quaker, Rubber

The Thang:

AO: Hulkamania

Conditions: Humid?

Last evening a text went out from our beloved AOQ, Hottub, to gauge the interest of the PAX for a Wednesday rendition of Hulkamania. Sunshine immediately replied with a “I’m In” (sounds like a HC, right?). Then there was only dead air the rest of the night. No mumble chatter, no static, . . .nothing! #RadioSilence. YHC was on the fence but set his alarm for 4:45 and decided he would play it by ear in the morning.

4:45 arrived after a blissful night’s slumber, so YHC got up & got going. I was the first to arrive at 5:10 ( Remember – Hulkamania starts at 5:15 sharp!). I parked and was slipping on my running shoes ‘Mr. Rodgers Style’ when a white Caddy pulled into the lot. . . Out stepped Rubber!

I jokingly asked Rubber if we would be seeing Sunshine this morning. Rubber replied, “Who knows? He did HC but . . . “

As Rubber did some light stretching & YHC cranked up the tunes (#fannypackpride) the 1 minute warning came and went with no other headlights approaching the AO. We gave our fellow “HC” PAX (Sunshine & Hottub) a courtesy minute just in case, but no one arrived!

Time to hit the road. We were off into the Glorious Gloom! 2 PAX who unknowingly posted for the other guy!

We ran the usual route to the beach. Up and over the bridge, past the BArc Parc and onto 61st Avenue N. We then crossed Bypass 17, turned left on Frontage Road until it intersected with 65th Avenue. We then took 65 Avenue N. straight out to the beach, over the dunes, onto the sand, and touched the water. The ocean air was crisp & refreshing. We enjoyed the view for about a minute then turned west for our return trip.

The Chatter was light today, as Rubber & YHC continued to push each other. As we approached the Bridge, YHC kicked it up a notch but Rubber stayed right on my heels. I thought that I could down shift at the top of the bridge but Rubber would have none of that as we continued to accelerate down the other side of the bridge and onto Frontage Rd 2B for the home stretch. As usual we sprinted the final 200 yards back to the Hulk Parking Lot.

Time Called!

Rubber wrung a 1/2 gallon of pain out of his shirt as we talked a little smack about our wayward brothers.

Average Pace = 9.09

Final Mile (including bridge) = 8.23

Count-o-Rama= 2

Name-o-Rama – Silent

Announcements: Freed to Bleed – sign up sheet is live. . .check Slack for details. Sign up for 2020 Iron PAX Challenge (IPC). AOQ Challenge is in full effect. The numbers are strong, let get some FNGs & Kotters out into the Gloom. (do it for the man, not the points!!!)

Rubber prayed us out!





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