When you hope your partner is out of shape

When you hope your partner is out of shape

Workout Date:





Speedbump, O'Douls, Boxcar, Judge Judy, Humpback, First Base

The Thang:

On a muggy 80 degree morning, 7 Pax gathered for a good mix of resistance and cardio. After warm up, grab blocks and head to big lot. We partnered up- two pairs of 2, one group of 3. While partner 1 did an exactly 0.25 mile lap around the church, partner 2 did six exercises, 10 reps each. The exercises were timed out to take P2 about 2 minutes, meaning P1 had ~2:00 to run a quarter mile, which is 8:00 pace. If you came back from your run and your partner finished the exercises and was in plank, you had a 5 burpee penalty. There were some burpees.

O’douls owed no burpees though. Despite his objections to Boxcar’s torrid pace, he never got back to the exercise station to find Speedbump in plank position, waiting. Others were not so lucky. We did 3 sets, all 10 reps:

  1. curls, merkins, bbsu, 1-arm rows, shoulder press, pretzel crunch each leg
  2. block squat, bus driver, 4-count flutters, block pullovers, tri extension, iron maiden cross
  3. block decline merkin, clean & press, block press w/ flutter kicks, jump lunges, front raises, 4-count mtn climbers

So all told for this segment, 180 reps and 0.75 mi of running. Everyone pushed hard and was breathing hard.

Next, we circled up and each Pax called an exercise. Round-the-horn shoulder presses, tri extension, block swings, curls, LBC, and I’m forgetting two.

Time to rack the blocks and circle up. Core exercises were done in sets of 10 and in quick succession to allow for something different at the end. Freddie Mercurys, shoulder tap + merkins, heel-to-butt thingies, box cutters, penguin, dying cockroaches, and I’m leaving one out.

Next I wanted to try something different as a cool down. I learned this when I was 15 years old; my club soccer coach had us do this breathing and flexing exercise before a game, meant to calm you and give you some clarity. We played like dogshit b/c we were all relaxed and gooey for the next 90 minutes, so I thought it’d be nice to try as a cool down.

First you get centered and take 5 slow, deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. While laying down, you flex your right arm as hard as you can for a slow 5 count, then release. Despite his resting heart rate of 28 and overall calm demeanor, Judge Judy was uncomfortable connecting with his inner child and feeling the relaxation wash over him, so he proceeded to talk about how we should be singing Kumbaya and holding hands. We’ll get you centered JJ, don’t worry. After JJ was encouraged to not talk anymore, we proceeded.

After right arm you flex right leg & release, flex left leg & release, flex left arm & release, then press palms in together hard like you’re crushing something between your palms. All of these are done for a slow 5 count, deep breath in and out.

Then some traditional stretching, again focusing on breathing. Now that I type this out I really feel like Side Out should have been at this beatdown, yoga mat and all.

No substantial announcements. Prayers for various Pax, as well as a focus on teachers and kids as we near the start of a new school year.

Always fun and an honor to lead a strong group of guys.

Side note: if you’re ever on Q at Catapult and want to incorporate an exact 0.25 mile lap, this is it: