Where it all started!

Where it all started!

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Handy Manny


Karma, Shoeless, Fergie, Manzel, Houdini, Handy Manny, Fizz

The Thang:

It’s always special to me to lead at Warthog because this is where it all started just over 7 years ago. I knew the men would be ready for anything I threw at them today. I tried to bring a mix of some of the first few beatdowns I had the privilege to be a part of. Here is what we did.

6:59am One minute warning called

7:00 Proper F3 Disclaimer

Quick lap around the track




15 Windmills IC

15 LBAC forward/reverse IC

15 seal claps IC

15 overhead press IC (while in low squat position)


Indian run around the track

15 dips IC

15 step ups IC

20 dips IC

20 step up IC

15 dips IC

15 step ups IC

Partner work (Partner one bear crawl down and run back while partner 2 does recovery burpees)

Mosey to the top of mount myrtle

7 Burpees OYO

Mosey to the 1st bridge

7 burpees OYO

mosey next station

15 jump squats

mosey next station

20 jump squats

mosey next station

22 merkins

mosey next station

22 merkins

mosey next station

15 CDD

mosey next station

20 CDD

mosey next station

30 lunges

mosey next station

40 lunges

mosey next station

20 lbc

mosey next station

20 flutter kicks IC

Back to the top of mount myrtle (an exectutive decision was made to move to better ground)

Jack webbs

Plank of pain


-Christmas Party December 3rd

-Check with Bling about the couple’s scavenger hunt and upcoming 5k run

-Jetter’s over the ledge


It’s always an honor to lead especially at the mothership! Great work put in by everyone this morning. Its amazing how fast the time goes by when we are having so much fun.