WHHHATTT!! 2 80lbers!!

WHHHATTT!! 2 80lbers!!

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Weedeater, Billboard, OneCall, High Interest, Penelope, Rousey

The Thang:

The Pax spoke (YHC Included) and decided to take our weights to the parking deck this AM.  It was a brisk 31 Degrees outside but a balmy 98 degress in the parking deck or as YHC has come to call it “The Pain Palace”.  Last week’s Vanity workout went so well I figured that we would recreate it for the PAX that weren’t there.  YHC also figured we would through in some added fun as well.  One Call provided the Music as usual which if it doesn’t get you pumped up you need to leave!  Oh By the way we know have 2 . yes that right 2 80lbers!!

Start out with some stretching on your own, make sure the back is loose we were going to work it pretty hard.


Station 1- Pick a BELL any BELL all will be used. Complete as many swings as you can until YHC calls time, go immediately into Good mornings again until time called.  PAX moved through all weights

Station 2- You should back on the bell you started on and we moved onto shoulders.  Again PAX started with swings until time was called.  Bent over rows, high rows, straight arm raises, farmer carry both 80’s and Shrug the 100lber!

In between this station YHC added in a twist.  Brought the 20lbers out and circle up around me.  All PAX to be in plank position, YHC started with 10 bent over shoulder flys.  I got into plank whil the next PAX completed 10, everyone stays in plank until all PAX have completed reps.

Station 3- Same as previous stations, swing until time called, then we worked on arms, alternate between weights bi’s and tri’s.  included were one arm curls, one arm extentions, hammer curls, two arm overhead extensions, diamond merkins.

In between this set, we did the same thing, PAX circle up and plank while one does 10 hammer curls and 10 overhead triceps extensions.

Station 4- Time was running short so we finished with farmer carries with all weights down and back.

Time was called.

It was and always is an honor to lead you guys, it means a lot to see you working so hard to try and better yourselves.  Putting your trust in me to lead you is what makes coming back so easy.


One Call had all good things to say about Ground Zero and the ministry that it is doing.  Please check it out and see how you can help out, it sounds like they have an awesome thing going on there.

Dragon Boat Race- lets try and get as many teams in a possible, it is great exposure!!

Prayer Request:

YHC had request for the men going to True North being led by Hoe Down, that he may guide us and help us find more clarity.

Rousey had a request in that his job is part of the Federal government and with the Shut down being a real possibility he asked for prayers that it get resolved soon.

YHC led us out

Thanks again men!


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