Whittle, you had one job!!!!!

Whittle, you had one job!!!!!

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High Cotton, StrapLock, Goldberg, Prime, Red Tape, Saved by the Bell, HazMat (FNG), Peach, Bluegrass (QIC)

The Thang:

I work with whittle and I see him on a regular basis around the office so when I do, I usually take the opportunity to talk a little smack and the day before his Q at Riviera was no exception. I talked to him a bit, told him he needed to step it up and get out to the pre-runs and get more active. His response is usually the same “Ok, I will try but (fill in some lame excuse)” I have heard this a thousand times with a thousand different excuses so I decided public humiliation would be the best choice for motivation. So I took to twitter and committed him to something that he didn’t necessarily agree to do, why not, it’s worth a shot. After this I receive a group message from Whittle and G-String about how tough the Q is going to be and that I probably shouldn’t do any extra running because it is really going to smoke me and on and on. I was waiting on this “tough Q” to be the next excuse for why he couldn’t pre-run but it didn’t happen to my surprise. I woke up a little early that morning and was actually thinking he might show up but as has been the case too often lately, I arrived to an empty parking lot. I jumped out, stretched a bit, did a lap around the church to see if anyone would be coming in on two wheels but it just wasn’t happening today. I went about my normal run and finished up with enough time to throw my weight vest on and make it to the circle for COT, when I got there everyone was looking at me and wondering where whittle was. To my surprise he was nowhere to be found, we had a little mumble chatter to see if he would show, but nope, nothing. There were only two options, he had been mugged, beaten, possibly raped and thrown in a ditch left for dead or he was sound asleep, he would never miss his Q because he knows I would never let him hear the end of it. I was pretty sure which option it was so I ask if anyone wanted to Q and I guess by knowing and working with whittle I was guilty by association and everyone looked at me to be the makeshift Q……… Little did they know I have laminated weinkes in my car waiting for such occasions! These aren’t just any old Q, these are only my best Qs from the past year, the toughest ones I have been able to come up with. I knew there was going to be a day when they were needed and I was pumped to go pick one out, a little sad that I had already committed to wearing the weight vest but still pretty pumped. The looks on the PAX face when I returned with my laminated pocket sized weinke in hand was priceless, especially the FNG! With all of the chaos we were running about 3 minutes behind so we circled up and got to work immediately. The workout proved to be a tough one as we made our way through the BOMBS routine, we even had a PAX come completely out of his shirt and a merlot by an FNG, all of this occurred before Whittles feet had even touch the floor for the first time today. Most of my weinkes that I keep in the car are made for an hour long workout so in order to have enough time we had to shorten the original plan and modify the number of reps on several exercises. Great work was done by all, and hopefully all got better!

25-Side-straddle hops IC
15-Forward LBAC’s IC
15-Reverse LBAC’s IC
15-Overhead Claps IC
15-Wind Mills IC
Indian Run
Partner up, 1 partner run 1/6 mile loop and other partner exercise, flap jack
a. 100 Burpees (B)
b. 150 Superstars (O) (Overhead claps shouldn’t be used as an exercise, it’s a warm up)
c. 150 Merkins (M)
d. 100 Big Boy Sit-ups (B)
e. 150 Squats (S)
Indian Run
20-Flutter Kicks IC
10-left leg pretzel crunches IC
10-Right leg pretzel crunches IC
15-Freddy Mercury’s IC
10-Big Boy Situps OYO

Announcements: International Drive Road Race, Mud Run
Prayer Request: Runoff, Etch A Sketch
Prayed for the group

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