Who Called Security!?!

Who Called Security!?!

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Lombardi, Boxcar, Headgear, Spinal Tap, Weasel, Disconnect, Hoser (YHC)

The Thang:

In wanting to continue this trend of using WaveRucker, the best day of the week, to continue to train for the upcoming GrowRuck, YHC decide it was time for pax to get use to Rucking on the beach. YHC promised that today would be about miles and light PT. There would be no sandbags, logs, or Big Fred. YHC even offered to change the start time for this morning. A poll was put out about a changing the start time. After discovering that voter fraud was present, YHC made the executive decision to keep WaveRucker at its normal time. #thesystemisbroken.

The weather was in the low 40’s with a slight breeze. 6 pax arrived to a completely Springmaid Pier parking lot. I guess we weren’t socially distancing like we should because security showed up wanting to know what we were doing. YHC told him we were going for a hike on the beach. He saw YHC’s truck and sweatshirt and asked if we were with the Police Department, I told him the Fire Department and he said oh ok and left.

Disclaimer was given and we got ready to take off. Disconnect showed up late, guess the Air Force didn’t teach him how to tell time, and we started off.

The first mile was done on the hard pack. The first mile was done in 16:33. Not a bad time. After the first mile we did our first PT session: 20 bicycle crunches (4 count) followed by 10 ruck overhead squats.

The second mile was done on the soft pack. This mile was a little slower, as to be expected. However with a time of 17:55 we were still under the standard. Barely. YHC encouraged the pax to remember that if they are the TL, you may have to do more swaps with coupons than on other surfaces, may even have to use a mosey/walk cycle. The PT session at this break was: 10 merkin ruck pull throughs, 15 mountain climbers (4 count), 10 ruck get ups.

We then started our return trip. Mile 3 was on the hard pack, but into the wind. Mile time was 17:10. Once again under the standard, but we had some separation within the group. As anyone who has done an event before knows, this is a major no-no. This PT session was a little longer: 30 big boy sit-ups, 50 squats, 20 LBC’s, 10 burpees, 50 big boy sit-ups.

4 mile continued on the Hard pack. There was some discussion about whether or not a red light in the sky from from a shrimp boat or a UFO. Disconnect was chosen to go explore since UFO’s falls into the the Air Force’s real of responsibility. At least until the Space Force Guardians get up and gaining. Yes the members of the Space Force will be called Guardians. #thisisnotajoke. Disconnect denied something about complaining about not having “air superiority”. Thanks to Headgears use of his SkyView App we all learned that it was Venus. #astronomy.  We arrived at the cars at 0600. Mile time was 17:35. YHC stayed true to his word, we stayed out of the ocean, got some miles in and some light PT.



Blood Drive December 30th. Get signed up.

We were able to raise over $7,300 during our Hancher Challenge Coin Fundraiser. MBPD was presented with a check last Wednesday. Chief Prock was extremely grateful and said that was more than enough to send all of Jacobs shift to DC in May for the Law Officer Memorial Week.

A challenge was thrown down to reach out to a Pax that has not been showing up, just to let them know that they are missed, and to encourage them to come back out.

Prayer Requests:

Pax and family traveling during this Christmas Season.

Good health for pax and family.

Weasel will be reporting to Quantico in January. Prayers for him and his family.

Disconnect will be reporting to Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls. Prayers for him and his family as well.

If you are doing or planning on doing GrowRuck come out to elevation monday and waverucker. You will not be able to control the event, but you can control what you pack and your training up to the event. Failure to train, is training to fail.

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