Who’s on 1st F ?

Who’s on 1st F ?

Workout Date:





Malpractice triple respect, Manziel, LiLsweet DR hickory Nc

The Thang:

10-16-21 Timeshare
68 clear and perfect

Arrived at AO on the heals of Manziel, malpractice then down range Lil Sweet.

Awesome let’s roll…

3 min warning given
Mumblechatter & stretching as it’s been a full week of beatdown missing Tuesday and posting 5 days this week it’s been awhile maybe I’ll make a habit of it!

YHC wasn’t sure who was going to show as all the pax were down range or nursing self inflicted eye wounds, #viagra you know what’s causing blindness?! Malpractice was fired up and ready to go, Manziel was on the fence after a run in with one of his angry pet spiders biting his foot! Down range LilSweet from Hickory Nc is down for a vending machine auction or trade show, not sure but I’m sure he was more interested in getting a good beatdown!
Either way he was in for a sweet treat at the beach from the timeshare pax.

The Thing

Stretch left arm over then right
15 huggers
20 LBAC fwd and rev
15 OHP IC overhead presses
15 TTT IC through the tunnel
15 Cherry pickers IC

Mosey to the reflecting fountain
On the way – stop for 15 squats IC
Mosey to fountain
Plant flag
15 Dips
15 step ups
15 incline merkins
Mosey to tennis court

Dora – pick a partner pax
1 Pax does exercise other runs to other side and does 2 full squats
100 LBAC’s
150 Flutter kicks
200 Mountain climbers
Circle up
Hold Al Gore
– Share how F3 has changed your life for the better
– All Pax shared – the expectation for -Manziel was he would be the one in shape and the challenge would be minimal but realized quickly it’s not a walk in the park, my words.
– Malpractice- looking for that fellowship piece after just retiring 2 weeks ago as an orthopedic surgeon respect!
– LilSweet – was Ehd by a trail runner friend who introduced him to F3 not realizing the piece that was missing, was missing, fellowship. He’s met guys he would have never met if not for this thing called F3
– YHC – didn’t have any brothers one sister – cousins aunts uncles family but never real fellowship where other guys cared about me getting better in all aspects of life. 4 years now in F3 and life will never be the same.

Mosey to yoga mat
Round of Mary
Lil sweet – merkin while bring right leg up to elbow, alternate to left – there’s is a name X 20

Malpractice called an audible – his spidey senses kicked in that his wallet and jacket might be getting swiped- no problem pax moseyed back to AO- all was well and intact!

Moseyed down to horseshoe to complete lilsweets merkin variation with plenty of mumblechatter – perfect!

Instead of squirrel malpractice seen the beach and yelled another audible to get some work in on the sand!
Aye! Off we went!

Amazing sunrise just beginning to rise
1st exercise – 15 IC Summo squats – believe me it works if you do it right!
2nd exercise – Big Boys OYO X 20
3rd exercise- Manziel called shoulder taps X 20 2 count

YHC called for the favorite exercise all

F3 hold dear to their heart – the burpee X 10 OYO , a workout wouldn’t be complete without burpees of some sort!

Mosey back to AO
Exactly on Time as YHC looked at watch! According to world apple time!

Count o Rama – 4 accounted for
Name o Rama
Freed to bleed this month sign up see slack
Dads 2.0 camp out next weekend see slack for deets

Prayers for Manziels new business will be traveling next week and gone next Saturday- safe travels and success building his business!
Prayers for pax downrange and on IR
Ball of man YHC prayed is out
Honor to lead!

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