Who’s that guy???

Who’s that guy???

Workout Date:





Hoser, Bling, Geno, Jingles (Respect), High Interest, Flash, Boxcar, Flop, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

80.  Hot.  Humid.  Sticky.

#WaveRucker.  Good old #WaveRucker.  It scares some men.  Others, are curious.  Others will never ever ever show up.  Sometimes we ruck, a lot.  Sometimes we lift, a lot.  Sometimes we carry, a lot.  Today I wanted to try to incorporate some of each and give some of our newer guys some idea of stuff at events.  Hoser, Bling and Valvano (yes guys, he used to post) have done some great Q’s the last few weeks.  I wanted to bring it!  Billboard was no where to be found.

Here is what we did.
Request for all men to bring sandbags.  We have a lot amongst these men.  #SuckersForPunishment
2 x 40; 55, 2 x 60, 80, 100, 50 lb log

I picked up Bling at 0355 to get to the AO 5 minutes earlier than initially planned to set up some cones.  What a debacle that was.
Bling: “You said 4!”
YHC: “Ok, well, yeah, but I want to set up the cones”
Bling: “But 0355?”
YHC: “Dude, it’s 5 minutes earlier.  You won’t die”
Bling: “That’s ridiculous”
YHC: “Toughen up would ya.  I need to set up the cones.  0355”
Bling: “Why??”
YHC: “Because I want to start on time, unlike your Q of last week when we were 10 minutes late cause you ran around setting stuff up”
Bling: Silence
I got to my #CarPoolBuddy’s house at 0353.  He was ready. But he did scowl at me

Get there.  Go set up cones to mark the start and finish of the straightaways on the track.  TClaps to Bling and Hoser and whoever else also brought our million pounds of sandbags and a log to the track for me.

1 minute warning.  Disclaimer.
Some light warmup stretching
SSHs x 15 IC
TTT x 15 IC
Windmill #WatchYourBacks #SleeperInjuryCauser x 10 IC
Stretch calves.  Right, Left, both.
Upward dog or downward or gopher hole or whatever it’s called.  Stretch your backs.
Stretch arms cross over and back and switch and we’re good

Head to the track:
The plan explained:
An “uncomfortable” lap in some format
A heavy lap with weight on our backs (other info about this was “sandbagged”  haha – til later)

Tunes started – GREAT tunes

Bear Crawl from cone to cone – the straightaway
Get up, ruck up.  Ruck the turn to next cone
Bear Crawl from cone to cone – the straightaway
Get up, ruck up.  Ruck the turn to the starting cone
1/4 mile

With rucks
20 curls OYO
20 tricep extensions OYO

Ok – how long should it take us to do a mile under weight?  What is the standard?  Answers of 18 minutes and also 20 minutes.  YHC wanted it to be 18.  So, High Interest – you are a banker.  Do our math.  What’s that divided by 4?  BOOM.  4.5.  Nice work.  Clearly, you have excellent math skills and would have a been a huge help at #Warthog yesterday (see that BB to get the reference).  So, we have 4.5 minutes to make it around the track or there will be penalties #TimeHack

Grab weights.  All but Flop!  Flop has a bum knee among other things and there is no need to hurt yourself.  Just ruck with us since we are glad you are here!  Weights varied from 40-100 lbs.  TClaps to Hoser for grabbing the 100.
Made it back in 4:09 – very very nice

This is where I threw in an element of learning, and also some important stuff that has circulated through F3 rucking channels about non-F3 perceptions of F3 men.  Go read all those if you are curious, I am not typing them here, but the main point was it’s easy to see us as a #Cult, and even more so if we act that way in public events, like a GORUCK event.  Only talk to our Brothers, use nicknames, etc.  So…I called on Kevin (Boxcar) to give me everyone’s hospital name – i.e, “Who’s that Guy?”  He was specifically selected because I was pretty sure he did not know them all – new to our ruck group and hasn’t posted much if at all with many of these men.  He didn’t know many.   Which was fine.  That was the point.  Let’s learn ’em and know em by the end of the beatdown.  Glad to say that by the end everyone knew everyone else’s hospital names as well as some interesting facts about many of us.

Next “uncomfortable” lap.  YHC was told that the heavy weight lap was uncomfortable too.  O well.  Sorry.
Lunge walk straightaways and just regular ruck the turns
Lots of humorous stories and the use of real names was funny!
At starting cone – 20 good mornings with ruck OYO
20 deep squats wearing ruck

Heavy lap – leave 1 sandbag behind.  #WorkSmarterNotHarder – 100lber left
4:07.  Great!  But………….4:27 to set them all up.  The clock still runs til we are back in formation.
And they were not neat…so some punishment.  Hoser concurred, so YHC asked him for the punishment.  Squat OH presses.  Great.
Hoser called 20 IC
Penalties and punishments happen!  Be prepared!

Name time.  We did this after every heavy lap.  I also incorporated hometowns, some details about one another, etc.   It was fun and showed the guys the importance of learning not only about our F3 Brothers, which we should do whenever we can, but also for those others we encounter in events, at church, at the store, in general.  And especially if you are wearing a F3 shirt, much like a Christian band shirt or a Bible verse shirt – how are you reflecting what you purport to believe in on that shirt?!  At one point, YHC asked Jay (Jingles) where Clark (Flash) was from – and he didn’t know.  But then he didn’t ask!  So at the end of that lap we had punishment.  Plank, then 20 CDD’s OYO – with rucks on of course.

Uncomfortable – OH hold walk
Alternating shoulder presses with ruck
Flutter kicks while pressing ruck x 20 IC
Heavy lap – all sandbags now
4:11 and all set up very nicely

Uncomfortable – Farmer carry right hand this straightaway, left on other.  Ruck the turns
Upright rows x 20 OYO
Right arm shrugs x 15 OYO
Left arm shrugs x 15 OYO
I was gonna call the Heavy lap here but I wanted to be sure we got something in and time was running, so I called for the ever-sucking when you got a ruck on – crabwalk.  I called for it to go about 2/3 of the straightaway.  It was awful.  Head back to cone, now let’s jump on that Heavy Lap.
4:17 – These dudes are STRONG – and some wanted 5 full minutes!  Absurd!
Then a cool down lap – at Flop’s pace – NOT a cool down
20 Thrusters OYO

Something special I have for you guys.  Leave your rucks.
We gonna smoke your chests – and as if by perfect plan, my theme song came up exactly at this time on the random playlist!
Merkins – all OYO
Fast, full ROM – AMRAP
When you can’t do anymore drop to a 3-6″ hold until you collapse
Then do “negative” merkins where you use a 3 count to go down, use knees to pop back up and then another negative.
AMRAP til you are done!  #StolenFromMensHealth
Then while waiting on the 6 – AMRAP LBC’s
Then 20 flutters IC
And finish off with single count as a group – 22 Merkins – #22Kills


Count-O-Rama – 9
Prayers for Flash’s Grandpa
Prayers for Laura per Jingles
Prayers for Schools, teachers, parents
Special prayers for Lil’ Knob as he begins his journey this weekend at The Citadel
Prayers for travel
Prayer requests unspoken

– Ask Hoser about his recent prescription- he is glad to share
– Thanks Jingles for the lesson in continental US city name information!  #Greenville
– Flash – does anything slow you down?
– It was nice to see Boxcar and High Interest carpooling!  Better for the environment. LOL.  But it is a great way to have some fellowship.  I have gotten to know Bling (mostly for the worse – JK) on our daily drives.  And both men did awesome today.  Boxcar was at hsi 3rd or 4th #WaveRucker and is ready to do everything and particularly the Mog Mile at the end of September.  High Interest continues to push himself!
– Geno now has a bad knee.  This bursitis is ridiculous. Wrist, knee, other knee, forgot which knee, brace on wrong knee.  But he still came out and rucked strong(ish)!
– In October 2015, YHC was on a MudRun team with Hoser, Geno, and Billboard (who was not here today for some lame reason).  Hoser and Geno rememebered one of YHC’s interesting early career stories.  I was pretty amazed that they did honestly.  And it brought a slight tear to my eye.   These are men that I have walked through life with over the last 3+ years and I am ever thankful to them, and to all the F3 men I have encountered, for their longstanding and strong friendships!!!
– You guys haven’t seen Bling happy until you see him happy when this song came up in the playlist as it was selected for him!!
– Flop – thanks for coming out and pushing hard brother.  You were a non-HC and then a little push got you with us and we are all better for it!
– Thanks for the hard work today men!

– PUTZ’s (2.0 animal) VQ tomorrow at #Warthog #ThanksForTheGreatNameDad
– Lombardi has worked out tickets to the Pelican game on Monday, August 27.  Details will be coming!!!  Come one, come all!!  PAX, M’s, 2.0s.  FREE thanks to Rubber!!!!!


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