Winter Soldier Q

Winter Soldier Q

Workout Date:





Bob the Builder, grass patch, punch list, peach, whittle, mud slide, Bluegrass (QIC)

The Thang:

Conditions: Perfect
Normal equipment except we added a squat rack and bar loaded with 95lbs
KBs 2-25s, 2-30s, 4-40s, 2-50s, 70, 80
DBs 2-20s
Curl Bar loaded at 75lbs
Whittle as usual was trying to back out of KBs because “it isn’t really his thing” but I had the upper hand this week. Whittle lives really close to me so the week before I left for vacation I ask him to keep the KBs and Q the workout while I was gone. After some major pressuring he agreed. What he didn’t know is that I would intentionally dodge him this entire week when he was trying to get the KBs back to me. This allowed me to tell him if he didn’t show up 5-10 PAX would have nothing to do and he would never hear the end of it. So, right on que yesterday he began trying to get the weights back to me and I dodged him once more and then sent a text late that evening that he could pick me up in the morning. Now not only was he responsible for the weights getting to the AO he was also responsible for the Q getting to the AO, HA HA Sucker!
Moving on to the beat down. We arrived early and set up and it was looking like numbers were going to be down but at the last minute a few PAX pulled up and got us to a solid 7. However there was no site of this @Copyhacker guy so it appeared that Goldberg and I completely ran him off or he was at The Hoff. You win this one Goldberg……..

KB swings-4-40s, 2-50s, 70, 80

Alternating Triceps and Biceps all weights and added curl bar and dumbbells.
Front Squat with 95lb bar

Alternating bent over rows and Dead lifts
Front squat with 95lbs and curls on curl bar and DBs

Alternating Shoulder presses and Goblet Squats or Hip Hinge
Overhead squat with 95lbs and curls on curl bar and DBs

Everyone grabbed a KB and we did about 5 minutes of Mary
American Hammers, BBSUs, LBCs, V-ups, Flutters

Last and not least everyone grabbed a KB and we did two minutes of KB swings. This sucks so bad but it is so worth it. Just FYI Whittle used a 25lber (smallest weight we have).
Convergence, Beach day and CSAUP
Prayed for the group

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