Wise Men Day 6

Wise Men Day 6

Workout Date:



Bling / OneCall


Lombardi, Spinal Tap, Bling, OneCall

The Thang:

COLD and WET!  When my alarm went off at 0618, it was downpouring.  Figured, man, wonder who will show.  It cleared a bit but everything was saturated, so Bling and I figured the parking deck was the place to be.  We got there, set up TWO (yes 2) workouts!!!  Since it’s an hour today, we wanted to give the PAX plenty!

Waiting in the parking lot….nobody…nobody….nobody…..0658….there’s a car.  0659…one more!  Spinal Tap and Lombardi!  Well, Lombardi got the beatdown Monday and Spinal Tap Tuesday, so we decided to reverse things up a bit.  Disclaimer given and we really slow moseyed to the parking deck.

Bling – 20 TTT IC
OC – 5 Merkins IC
Bling – 20 IW IC
OC – 5 Diamond Merkins IC
Bling – 20 Tempo Squats IC
OC – 5 Wide Arm Merkins IC
Bling – 20 SSH IC
OC – 5 Tempo Merkins IC
Bling – 30 LBACs IC (15 forward and 15 reverse)
OC- 5 HR Merkins OYO

Since we had some repeat customers, we decided to reverse order things and went to the parking deck for ELF


Ladder workout

For Fun

Start at bottom, do 1 of: BBSU, 2 count flutter kick, heels to heaven, windshield wiper
Head to top of stairs, do 2 of each.
Back to bottom, 3, up 4, etc etc.
Total up to 12 (for December)

Then time for #SantaClaus DORA but since there were only 4 of us, we modified to do it as a group

S – Squats – 20, run to other side, 20, back

A – (Awesome) Merkins – 20, run to other side, 20, back

N – Never Cross Dolly – 20, run to other side, 20, back

T – Travolta Merkins – 10, run to other side, 10, back

A – American Hammers – 20, run to other side, 20, back

– CDDs – time was getting a little short, so we did 25 of these IC

L – Lunges (count each time knee hits ground) – 10 each leg

A – Alternating Shoulder Taps – 20 IC

U – Up/Downs – around the horn with each PAX yelling down – 3 times around – total of 12

S – SSH – 20 IC

Mosey back to SF, well to the picnic tables since it was now raining pretty good.


Count-O-Rama – 4
Prayer requests – Cheesy’s daughter Lydia
Prayer requests – Weedeater’s dad and family
Prayer requests – Spinal Tap family
Prayer requests unspoken
BOM by Lombardi

– Another fun day!  Thanks to Lombardi and Spinal Tap for coming out in less than stellar conditions.  ELF was a great ab burner and the stairs are always tough!  Great tunes by Bling!

– Ugly sweater convergence – 12/21 in Conway!
– Be on the lookout for a 3rd F email coming Tuesday


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