Wise Men Day 8

Wise Men Day 8

Workout Date:



Bling / OneCall


Sawdust, Kiwi (RESPECT), Flop, Penelope, Single Barrel, Pikachu, Odouls, Skimmer(RESPECT), Bling, OneCall

The Thang:

NICE!!!  High 60’s.  But wet

Our final stop on the #ChristmasGiftToThePAX was on the horizon and with all the great memories and time together bringing fun times, hard workouts, and great tunes to the PAX, we must figure out a monthly theme!!!  January can be #ResolutionsForThePAX.  February can be #YesBuyThatNecklaceForYourWifeYouDumbPAX.  Seriously though, 8 Q’s in a row is hard work, but well worth the effort to get to meet new PAX and see old ones all around the region!  Very glad we had the chance to do this!

1 minute warning and Disclaimer

Bling – 30 LBACs IC (15 forward and 15 reverse)
OC – 5 Merkins IC
Bling – 20 TTT IC
OC – 5 Diamond Merkins IC
Bling – 20 IW IC
OC – 5 Wide Arm Merkins IC
Bling – 20 Flutters IC
OC – 5 Tempo Merkins IC
Bling – 20 SSH IC
OC- 5 HR Merkins OYO

With Catapult being a group of beasts…we used out second planned #SantaClaus beatdown so the men could get some physical strength training in, plus some other fun stuff, all while staying away from burpees and sprints!!!

Partner up!! 100 reps of each exercise DORA style cumulative reps and P1 exercises and P2 runs from the back wall to the rock island.

#SantaClaus DORA

S – Squats with blocks

A – (Awesome) Mule Kicks against wall – some modifying here to Heels to Heaven

N – Never Cross Dolly

T – Tricep Extensions with block

A – Air squared.  Wall sit with overhead block

– Crunches with block

L – Lunges (with or without block) – count each leg

A – Alternating curls with block – Pikachu did them “correctly” being able to manhandle the blocks like an animal!  Sorry they were too light for you big man!

U – Up/Down Surrenders with block – HAHA!!  Uniformly, these were BRUTAL – cut a bit short to do…

S – SSH for 2 minutes, then

Mosey back to return the blocks, 6 Travolta Merkins OYO just cause they are awesome…staying alive, staying alive…stretching courtesy of Flop and his fantastic ropes while Bling read his devotion he has been sharing all week.  It is a great devotion and here it is for reference:

Wise Men Went Back "Another Way"


Count-O-Rama – 10
Prayer requests – Cheesy’s daughter Lydia
Prayer requests – Weedeater’s dad and family
Prayer requests – Spinal Tap family
Prayer requests unspoken

– This was our final group Q (Bling has to be out of town Friday) and we have hit every AO.  A total blast!!!  Seeing old faces, meeting new ones, destroying [almost] everyone, and particularly ourselves!!!

– Ugly sweater convergence – 12/21 in Conway!
– Be on the lookout for the 3rd F email coming today
– If you wanna earn a free GORUCK patch and do something good for the community.  This Saturday at 10AM – Milk and Cookies Ruck with Flop on Q.  Ruck 3 miles with milk and cookies to then help Flop and group hand out food and the milk and cookies to those in need.  Details will be in our Slack!

OneCall and Bling – humbly submitted ourselves as the #TwoWiseMen – Wise for being part of this incredible group of #HIM that make us better versions of ourselves!!!!  Not so wise for Q’ing 8 days in a row.  Well, we had a Sunday break in there, but still.

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