Wookiees Fuzzy Balls

Wookiees Fuzzy Balls

Workout Date:





Kiwi (Respect), Spork (BS AOQ), ERC, Bobby Fillet, Rubber, Lombardi, O’douls, Candycane

The Thang:

AO Bombsquad

Conditions; 50 and loving it

So last month YHC looked at the calendar early and wanted to make sure I could get a Q on or close to my Birthday.  Friday was my actually birthday and since I keep a strict Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday schedule (allow this old battle axe to heal up properly) I thought the perfect day would be a Saturday at BS. But I felt like I had to bring something big, something memorable where guys would feel it after the first ten minutes of the workout. The kind of workout even YHC was like well shoot, this is going to be tough. So I looked through my old notes and plucked out a few items I’ve never had the time or not the right moment to complete. Had my workout almost complete and O’douls text me happy birthday and told him be ready for a bicep scorcher tomorrow. And he still showed up, that’s dedication there!

Well everyone in the COP and ready to go. Let’s get it!

1 minute warning

Proper mission statement and Disclaimer.

Harry Rockets 15 IC, Tempo Squats 15 IC, The Chinook 15 IC, IW 15 IC HB 15 IC, LBACF, R, Seal Claps, Overhead Claps 15 IC, SSH 15 IC. Personally I like SSH at the end when the body is warmed up.

Time it mosey to coupon pile, grab a large block (don’t cheat yourself) off to large parking lot.

Had all Pax line up on the grass island of the parking lot.

1) Bear Crawl  the white parking lot lines while pulling the block to each parking lot line and stop. Once at the first white line do two (2) curls. Bear crawl with block drag to the second line, third line, etc…Then add two (2) curls at each parking lot line. So the curls are 2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20,22,24,26,28,30,32. Total curls were 264 with a 32lb cinder block. These burn out your biceps towards the end. Heard one pax ask for the complaint department on this one. Mission success. Kicked ass right out the gate.

2) Well we’ve got to get back.  So bear crawl with a block drag stopping at each white line and do five (5) single count Rocky Balboa at the first line and adding five (5) RB at each line. So the RB are 5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50,55,60,65, 70,75,80. Total RB 680 single count but I caught myself do two count. Apparently I can’t follow my own instructions.

And there comes spork. 6:35 and the hardest part of the workout is done. He must of had an inclining this was going down.

3) Off to the Concession area. Time for 7 of Diamonds with Merkins. That’s 7,14,21,28 Kiwi. Hence seven of diamonds bud. 😂 Little twist here was all Pax stay together. If you hammered out the Merkins then hold plank and wait for everyone else to finish before we moved on.

4) Back to the blocks, partner up for a total of  250 Overhead Press. YHC didn’t have a partner so I hammered these out OYO.

At this point there was some confusion on the ending point by kiwi, (surprise, surprise) and indicated he doesn’t speak Wookiee and Spork was translating for him. Just end at the Grass Kiwi. Don’t overthink it.

5) Stay partnered up. Time to bust out my fuzzy balls for everyone to bounce and play with. Happy Birthday to me! Heck yeah, lol it was my tennis balls.

Starting in a high plank position, hold the ball in either your left or right hand. Bounce the ball and catch the ball with the opposite hand. So it’s left hand down, bounce with your right hand, put right hand down and catch with your left. Back and forth between hands. These are single count for a Total count of 300.

6:52 time to get blocks back and of course Rubber is basically do a rifle carry mosey and he’s hold the block above his head waiting for all of is to put our blocs down. This guy is literally a next level human.

circle up for a super quick Mary and my favorite ab exercise

25 Crunchy Frog IC Pikachu- That was fun

Chose Rubber to finish up the last minute. Pax did not seemed enthused by this. Rubber planked us out.


Solid work by all.


Give2Give, Freedtobleed, QSource Friday, Last day to order a BS shirt.

Prayers: Families who are dealing with Covid, and other medical issues.

These men are truly my F3 family and closer to me than most of my own family. I was pumped to see the Pax that came out to support my B-Day Q.



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