WOW!! That Felt Great?!!

WOW!! That Felt Great?!!

Workout Date:





Reborn, Rubber, Beefsteak, War Eagle, Boxcar, Brownbag, Buffett, Bob the Builder (F3WashingtonNC), Redcoat, Quaker(QIC)

The Thang:

AO: The Village

Conditions: Perfect

YHC rolled into the Village and noted a somewhat disoriented driver in a White Suburban so I flashed him my headlights and guided him past the Village Gate and on to the AO. . .Exited the Truck and Planted the Shovel Flag. . .as mystery driver exited his White Suburban. Introductions were made . . .Welcome “Bob the Builder” aka “Bomb the Builder” from F3WashingtonNC. PAX kept rolling in and it looked like we would have 8 for the beatdown. . .but wait here comes Rubber & Reborn just in time to help us finish our last set of 10 Burpees OYO in the COP!

5:29 – One minute warning

5:30 Proper Disclaimer

COP: 10 SSH IC; 5 Burpees OYO; 10 TTT; 5 Burpees OYO; 10 Windmill IC; 5 Burpees; Tempo Squat IC; 5 Burpees; 10 Imperial Walkers IC; 5 Burpees; 10 Little Baby Arm Circles IC; 10 LBAC in Reverse IC; 10 Airsit Air Presses IC; 10 Burpees OYO


Circle of Fire #1 – All PAX did sets of 10 Merkins as One PAX called out Exercise in Cadence.  100 Total Merkins. Absolute Crowd Pleaser to get us started!!

TWO by TENS #1 – All PAX did Burpees I.C. at 6 different locations around the AO. After each set of Burpees we sprinted to the next location. Set 1 began with Rep of 2. At each new location the Rep count increased by 2 until we reached 12 reps (total=42 Burpees) . . . this was a killer right from the get go, maybe it had something to do with 100 Merkins in the Ring of Fire. . . All PAX gave it 100%!

TWO by TENS #2 – We were having some much fun so we continued to do 2×10’s with  Flutterkicks (4 ct) I.C.. . . started with 2 Reps (increasing rep count by 2 at each new location) and continued to work our way around the AO until we reached the Shovel Flag and completed set 20 Reps of Flutterkicks (Total =110 Flutterkicks). . . each time between locations we continued to sprint.

After last set of Flutterkicks we mosey’d to the Block Pile . . . every PAX grab a coupon #choosewisely

Circle of Fire #2 – Block Curls . . . PAX #1 leads rest of PAX I.C. for 2 reps . . . PAX #2 then leads rest of PAX I.C. for 4 reps . . . we rotated through the Cicle until the PAX 10 led us for 20 curls I.C. . . (Lookin’good BillyRay . . .Feelin Good Louis #tradingplaces) . . . Total = 100 Curls

Circle of Fire # 3 – Block Swings . . . Circle moved in opposite directions PAX#10 lead all PAX for 2 reps I.C. . . .then PAX #9 leads all PAX for 4 reps I.C. . . .continue to rotate through entire circle until PAX #1 leads all PAX in 20 reps of Block Swings I.C.  . . . Total = 100 Block Swings

Circle of Fire #4 – Overhead Block Presses . . . this time rep count started at 1 rep and increased by 1 rep as we all rotated through entire Circle of Fire (This was an obvious modification due to time only . . . these men are BEASTS and were chomping at the bit for a full round up to 20 Reps!!)

Replace the coupons and mosey to the Shovel Flag

Mary Around the Horn: 10 Boxcutters IC (4ct)(Quaker); 10 Freddy Mercury’s IC (4ct)(Buffett); 10 Slow & Low Flutterkicks IC (4ct)(Rubber); 10 Thor’s Hammers IC (1 to 2 Ratio BBS to American Hammers (4 ct))

6:15 – Time Called

COT: Announcements: (1) IronFlag; (2)GrandStrand Patch; (3) Pelican Game 8/27/18

Prayers: general prayers of all PAX present and those who could not be with us today

Aye! Quaker

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