Workout Date:





Butch (QIC), BedPan, Matlock, Bob the Builder, Bodett, Hard Hat, Surf & Turf, Karma (R), Boner, Franklin, Spicoli, Manziel (R), Candy Cane (AOQ), Drifter, Tiny Dancer, Cyclone, Brown Bag (R), Texas Ranger, Triad (DR)

The Thang:

19 on Q on this fine morning.. Yep, 19.. Had no clue that would be the case when thinking of what to do on the ride up from Murrells Inlet. Arrived at 5:05 to see Candy Cane, Drifter, and Tiny Dancer finishing up a 5k pre-run. They crushed the beatdown that later ensued as well. Studs. Got to meet DR PAX Triad as we walked up together into the lights. Then, at 5:28 the Gloom Holler, Yeeeeee-Yeeeeeeeeeee, was heard by all… Karma had arrived, along with the south side travel squad. His yell brings a smile and roll of the eyes from all of us, usually afraid down in Surfside that the cops will be called AGAIN on us. We got to hear it a couple more times throughout the AM. With the large turnout, my plans were shot as there were only 7 coupons which I had planned to use, even if we had to partner up with them. Tiny Dancer asked me to get the pullup bar out… maybe next time. Too many people to be taking turns on it.

Disclaimer, followed by Warmup (buying time trying to figure out a plan):

10 SSH IC, 10 Merkins OYO, 10 TTT IC, 10 Merkins OYO, 10 Imperial Walkers IC, 10 Merkins OYO, 10 Hillbillies IC, 10 Merkins OYO, 10 SSH, and lastly, a final 10 Merkins OYO to get us to 50 Merkins. Boneyard to the track.

A 1-Mile Indian Run was announced and we lined up and got after it despite some concerns from some PAX initially (“1 Lap, or 1 Mile???”… “4 Laps, 1 Mile!”). The good thing was that with 19 PAX running single-file, we only sprinted about once/lap. The bad thing was that the sprints felt like 50 yd sprints. We got through it, and a more rapid 10 count than was expected ensued. We then bear crawled from the visitors sideline back to the home sideline. Then we did karaoke to the visitors sideline, and back. Head to the stadium stairs and partner up. PAX spread out across the bottom row and we utilized all the steps so we wouldn’t be in each other’s way too much.

Stairs DORA: Partner 1 run up the stairs and back down then trade out with Partner 2 who is doing the exercises. Our DORA consisted of a cumulative 50 Derkins, 100 Dips, & 150 Step-Up’s. Boneyard back to the north endzone. On the way, Brown Bag said he could see the wheels spinning, and they were… Trying to do the math on 11’s to midfield and back, or endzone to endzone. Endzone to endzone is 200 yds x 10 trips = 2,000 yds x 3 ft/yd = 6,000 ft… a little more than a mile. Easy choice, let’s go for it.

11’s: At the North Endzone we started with 10 squats, ran to the South Endzone where we did 1 merkin before traveling back and continuing to do this until completion (1 Squat, run, 10 Merkins, run back to start). After this we had about 3 minutes to go, so we regrouped in a circle at midfield. 90 seconds remained, so PAX held various forms of Plank until 06:00:00.

COT: No prayer requests. Announcements: Halloween Convergence Sat at the Plank, 0700. I prayed us out, and that was it. Triad on Q at the Plank tomorrow.

Great to see such a strong turnout! Had to make this one up on the fly. Always appreciate the support of my southside brothers! We love to travel, and had not done so in a while. The Plank is probably the neatest AO along the Strand despite what Slaughter posts on Twitter. As Boner put it, it was perfect “to soften your hands and clear up those ass crack sores”. Thanks Candy Cane for asking me to Q. Always a great time!