You look amazing….

You look amazing….

Workout Date:





Rousey, Penelope, Fresh Squeezed, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

That’s what Rousey told YHC on this, my 45th birthday!!!  He kept on and on with the compliments.  #FlatteryAppreciated

Eh…Almost…..TANK TOP weather..still a little cool – 54 degrees

With many of our regulars heading to the Swamp Fox (good luck men), YHC wasn’t sure who would show.   Rousey and Penelope gave the old HC, so that was great!  2 or 3 is all we need.  Then running to us from the gloom was Fresh Squeezed (fresh off a PR for the half marathon!!).  So 4 men would soon get to work and get swole.  It was odd #NotCarpooling with Bling, who decided to “rest” for Saturday.   Huh?  Also, Geno Q’d yesterday and complained on and on about his bursitis, but I still asked him if he was coming to #BeachBells.  He told me he was going to #TheVillage cause his wrist couldn’t yet handle #BeachBells [#2016InjuryProblems].  Interesting – Kitten posted his BB from #TheVillage – PAX: Kitten, Buffett, Skidmark, Boxcar.  Hmm.  Geno’s not there.  That’s odd huh.  And no High Interest at either place.  Valvano either.  I don’t even know what to say.

1 minute warning

Full Disclaimer

100 lb KB
2 x 80 lb KB
70 lb KB
60 lb KB
2 x 50 lb KB
2 x 40 lb KB
2 x 30 lb KB
2 x 20 lb KB
80, 60, 40 lb sandbags

Lined up

Swing all the way through the bells – 8-10 reps; 1 or 2 arms
Loosen up and Work hard
This is a great start to these workouts – gets the heartrate up, gets the blood flowing, and is just a great full body exercise, especially as we get to the heavier weights.

Trying and stealing stuff from various internet sites…and liking the intense group sets, we moved to
3 rounds (with a tiny rest in between rounds) of
– Left hand on a bell; Right foot off ground; Merkin; Shoulder tap with right hand; Merkin; Shoulder tap; etc x 10
– Switch hands and feet x 10 that side
– Jump up and do Ballistic rows x 20 reps
– Handle down shoulder press x 10 each arm [these were ridiculous hard].

On to legs  – Grab a bell
– 10 Goblet Squats
– Grab that bell or that and another and do 10 walking lunges one way
– Farmers walk back
– Grab a sandbag or a heavy KB – 10 full ROM squats [#TClaps to Fresh Squeezed for beasting the 80]
We modified this from 3 rounds to 2 since Rousey’s knees are shot and I wanted everyone to stay together with stuff

Hoping against hope that we would be in tanks next week, YHC wanted to blast the arms
3 sets of basically Supersetting curls – start heavy, crank reps, drop weight, crank reps, drop weight, crank til failure
Onto Supersetting skull crushers

We then did the Triple Crush with sandbags or KB’s
Then rinse and repeat the superset rounds

Finally, we all finished with some brutal clean and presses with the sandbags


Put everything into car

Count-O-Rama – 4
Prayer requests and Praise report for Fresh Squeezed upcoming nuptials!
Prayer requests for marriages in general
Prayer requests for those Brothers heading to Swamp Fox
Prayer requests for sick and injured PAX
Prayer requests for Rousey’s travels
Prayer requests unspoken

– “I have 9 and a half inches…” – Penelope….but then he finished the statement….”of steel reinforced walls at the police department”
– “Don’t make fun of me and my knees in the backblast” – Rousey
– Fresh Squeezed had some brilliant insights into and about F3!!!  Coincidentally at the same time Rousey “travels to HQ!!!!”
– Everybody worked hard this morning.  Honor to be out there with you all!

– YHC has the Q at #Warthog tomorrow.  Initially to be a birthday Q (today), but has morphed into an awesome St. Patrick’s Day Q complete with souvenirs and a playlist.  Show up!!  Wear Green!!!
– Stewie has his #Warthog VQ next week!  Show up!!!
And the usual stuff:
– Be sure to check out our regional website. All local information is on that! The events page is getting filled up!!! Try to attend CSAUPS, 2ndF events, convergences, etc!!! So much more than a workout group!!
– Dragon Boat coming.  We have 1 full boat of 20 men.  Need to fill the 2nd Handy signed us up for.
– Get on Q sheets for April!
– Skidmark is our 2018 MudRun Q!  #T-Claps for stepping up.  Get your teams and sign up.  Or just sign up and he will set teams up


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