You say tabayta, I say tabata

You say tabayta, I say tabata

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Kitten, High Interest, Fly Over, Varsity, Bobsled, Hawkeye (visiting from Davidson), Doogie, Bing (visiting from Hickory), Handrail, Flop, Floyd (from Chapel Hill-Durham), Rousey, FNG (from Elizabeth City) named him "Dinghy"

The Thang:

In what has been referred to as a “Purrfect” workout, we warmed up with 20 ssh, 15 little baby arm circles forward and reverse, and 15 through the tunnel in cadence. We then spent the bulk of our workout doing a series of exercises tabata-style (20 seconds AMRAP, 10 seconds of rest, repeated 8 times for a total of 4 minutes). In between each series of exercises, we jogged to the opposite parking lot. We began with 8 20-second intervals of burpees, followed by 4 minutes of lbcs, 4 minutes of squats, 4 minutes of merkins, 4 minutes of flutter kicks, and 4 minutes of dips. Following a final jog back to the flag, we attempted another tabata-style round of burpees… and failed. With no arm strength left, we concluded the workout with 25 American hammers in cadence.

Fly Over announced there will be a Mayweather-McGregor viewing party at his house Saturday night. Prayers were lifted up for a brother from another F3 AO who died this past weekend while on vacation and for those impacted by the bank shooting in Conway earlier in the week. We also prayed for kids/parents returning to school today.

Until next time, meow.

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