Zurück zum Bombenkommando

Zurück zum Bombenkommando

Workout Date:





Brown Bag (Respect), Pikachu, Rubber, Sunshine, OneCall, Candy Cane, Blanks (2.0), ButtonUp (FNG), CrossStitch, Megaladon (2.0), Beefsteak, Lombardi (Respect), Geno (Respect), Bling, Valvano (QIC)

The Thang:

YHC hasn’t made it too #BombSquad in quite a while (pre-COVID at least).  Monday and Wednesday tend to be #ElevationMonday and #WaveRucker posts, but there’s no excuse for not making more Saturday appearances.  With that in mind, I decided to jump on the Q sheet before Beefsteak filled it up for the month.  Even went so far as to call for an 0515 pre-ruck/run on Friday afternoon.  That was before I took the dog out around 2300 last night and realized our grill had a propane leak.  An hour or so later after the cutoff valve was closed, I managed to convince the M we wouldn’t explode during the night and tried to catch some sleep.  That lasted until about 0245 when a nasty storm started rolling through.  A quick look at the radar showed heavy rain till 0600 and frankly, YHC was exhausted, so a Slack post went out calling off the pre-ruck/run.  OneCall, Geno, and Bling missed this message since none of them are in the #BombSquad Slack channel :facepalm: and showed anyways for a couple miles.  That’s the sign of a good leader – improving men without even being present #youarewelcome.

1 minute warning

Disclaimer given


SSH x 25 IC
Imperial Walkers x 15 IC
Merkins x 5 OYO
TTT x 10 IC
Burpees x 5 OYO
Windmills x 10 IC
Hand-release Burpees x 5 OYO
LBAC x 10, Reverse LBAC x 10, BBAC x 10, Reverse BBAC x 10, Cherry Pickers x 10, Overhead Press x 10 all IC

2 lines were formed for an Indian Run heading in front of the church, past the concession stand, and ending at the coupon pile where each PAX chose an appropriately sized coupon.  Coupons were carried to the front lot for DORA:

100 Merkins (Partner rifle carries coupon across parking lot and back)
200 Coupon Curls (Partner runs across and back)
300 Bonnie Blairs #crowdpleaser (Partner runs backwards across and back)

Since legs were still fresh, 2 lines formed again for an Indian Run passing in front of the church and ending at the picnic tables for some more partner work:

Partner 1 – 50 step ups, count each leg
Partner 2 – AMRAP Merkins
Continue for 2 rounds so each PAX gets 100 step ups.

YHC took this time to interrupt Geno’s incessant #mumblechatter for a quick PSA about the upcoming #CHAD1000x workout near Veteran’s Day (date of workout to be determined).  The CHAD1000x is in remembrance of Navy SEAL Chad Wilkinson, who took his own life Oct 29, 2018 after multiple deployments, TBIs, and PTSD (https://chad1000x.com).

After a short walk for everyone to catch their breath, we made one more lap around the church:
Karaoke to the front facing the church
Run across front of church
Karaoke to the back facing away from church
Reverse run back to start and then make your way back to your coupon

Coupons were carried back to the pile.  Surprisingly, this only took about 3 minutes, not the 18 Bling claimed I needed to allot.

Quick circle up for a little Mary before time expired:
American Hammer x 30 IC
Mountain Climbers x 10 IC
Peter Parker x 5 IC
Flutter Kicks x 20 IC (YHC asked OneCall for a final exercise, since apparently he’s the only GrandStrand PAX that can Q correctly)

Time Called with 2 minutes remaining to make sure we had time for FNG naming and so Geno could make it home to style his hair before soccer

Count-O-Rama – 15
– IronPAX starts 9/6 – SIGN UP!  Take it seriously, or not, but SIGN UP!

IronPAX Challenge Registration Form

– F3Nation 10 Year Anniversary Convergence Oct 8-10 in Wilmington, NC.  Jeter is leading the #clowncar logistics – check Slack!


– Freed to Bleed 10/29


As mentioned, it had been too long since YHC was up at #BombSquad.  Such a great group of guys up there and plenty of options around the CFCC campus to get a good beatdown in.  I’ll be making it a point to swing north more often!

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