it’s a deep burn

it’s a deep burn

Workout Date:





Snyder, Sour Mash, Wart, Lucky Charms(fng), One Call, gene, Billboard, Wolverine, Ralph Lauren, Mudslide

The Thang:

condition 27 and icy

YHC came out of his house to drive to the AO and did not realize that his windshield was iced over. So YHC had to drive like ace ventura for the first half mile until the heater warmed up.

0515 disclaimer given


Round 1
30 seconds on 15 off
kB swing warm up
Dead lifts
Carry bag

Round 2
30 sec on 15 off

Lunges on the lighter bells

On the heavier bells
Squat clean

Man makers

Shrugs with 80



Carry bag

Round 3
30 sec on 15 off

Triple crush

Overhead press

Shrugs with 80

Dead lifts

Knee ups

Round 4
(First 4 lighter kettlebells)
Big boys 30 reps
Toe touch 30 reps
American hammer 30 reps
American hammer 30 reps

Heavier bells
(2 30s, 2 40s, 2 50s)

3 sets four rounds of

4kbell push-ups
3 bent over rows
2 squat
1 overhead press

Knees ups
Carry bag

round 5
Curls for the girls
Curl each kb for 30 sec on 15 off
Until time runs out



Weed eater Qing dipstick’s memorial birthday q

Yhc prayed us out

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