Blackbeard Comes Home

Blackbeard Comes Home

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Blackbeard (LKN)


Cheesy Biscuit, Flossy, Pluff Mud, Heisenburg, Red Baron, Strut (Lexington), Papa Smurf, Birthday Boy, Soft Shell, Blacktop

The Thang:

It all started back in May when I checked Grand Strand’s site to see if there was a workout close to where we would be staying in Garden City. I was expecting to have to drive into Myrtle Beach and was pleasantly surprised to find one just 4 miles from the beach house. When I saw it was named Blackbeard’s Revenge, I knew I had to see about Q-ing there as well. When someone mentioned guest Qs could earn a patch, I eagerly reached out to Cheesy Biscuit (site Q) to reserve my spot.

Thursday morning was warm and muggy. Probably standard fare around here (truthfully, it’s standard back in Lake Norman too, but minus the sand). I arrived at the AO early to scope out the terrain but was concerned as there was a police officer in his car watching as this old guy wandered aimlessly around the playground. I was expecting an interrogation, but fortunately Soft Shell appeared in the gloom and I hastily joined him to justify my presence.

I had pre blasted the chance of the Sharknado making an appearance — a hated WIB we do occasionally in LKN — but knowing I would need to do some burpees post-workout to honor Dipstick and earn a patch, I decided a WIB with 75 burpees might not be in my best interest. Instead, we toured the local park as we did the following:

The Thang

  • Mosey around the parking lot to pick up the guys arriving last minute
  • Gather at the shovel flag to recite the Pledge of Allegiance
  • Circle up for CoP
    • SSH x25 IC
    • Sumo Squats x15 IC
    • Mountain Climbers x15 IC
    • Merkins x10 IC
    • Cotton Pickers (Through the Tunnel) x12 IC
  • Mosey to baseball field and gather at home plate
    • Run to fence in right field for 10 Squats SC OYO
    • Run to center field for 10 Groiners SC OYO
    • Run to left field for 10 Merkins SC OYO
    • Run back to home plate for 10 Burpees SC OYO
  • Line up along fence for People’s Chair (PC)
    • Take turns bear crawling past the row of pax and resume PC
    • Wonderbra AMRAP while waiting for your turn to crawl
  • Lunge walk about 20 yards out from fence
  • Loading the Ark (as in Noah’s)
    • Sprint to fence then Duck Walk back to start
    • Sprint to fence then Gorilla Swing (lead with left foot) back to start
    • Sprint to fence then Gorilla Swing (opposite foot) back to start
    • Sprint to fence then Dragon Crawl back to start
  • Mosey to parking lot and find a spot on the curb
    • Muhammad Ali x35 IC
  • Mosey to picnic tables by playground.
  • Grab either an outside bench or a spot on the telephone pole lying on it’s side
    • Pinky Pies from 1 to 7
  • Mosey to field house for Praying Mantis x15 IC
  • Mosey to basketball court for MARY
    • LBC x30 IC
    • Jane Fondas x25 IC
    • 45 second elbow plank
  • Recover, recover (Fin.)


I imagine guest Qs come to the Grand Strand with lots of new exercises (or at least new names). Here is a description for some of the ones I was asked to demonstrate today.

  1. Sumo Squat – 4-count exercise: squat and touch hands to ground, come up and raise one knee off the ground, squat again (hand touches ground), come up and raise opposite knee in air
  2. Groiner – similar to a Mountain Climber except bring both knees to chest (then back out) while in plank position
  3. Wonderbra – typically done while in People’s Chair. 4-count arm presses out and up (Up, Down, Out, In)
  4. Duck Walk – low squat walk (often evolves into a Flamingo Walk when thighs are burning too much to remain in a low squat!)
  5. Gorilla Swing – side shuffle, touching hands to ground when feet spread apart
  6. Dragon Crawl – plank position, then crawl forward bringing left knee to left elbow while right hand moves forward. Repeat on other side, trying to keep hips low to ground through entire range.
  7. Muhammad Ali – alternating toe touches on curb; typically cadence starts slow and builds to a crescendo
  8. Pinky Pies – Alternating inline merkins and dips from 1 each to 7 each, pivoting from forward leaning rest to backward without putting lower body on ground. (Pinky Pie is a 7-year old 2.0 who came up with the exercise.)
  9. Praying Mantis – Leaning at 45 degrees (keep legs and back in a straight line) with forearms against wall. Raise arms so only hands are on wall then return to forearms on wall. The further the feet are from wall, the harder it gets.
  10. Jane Fonda – lay on one side, head on hand and elbow on ground. Raise top leg with heel leading. Need to surpass 15IC to really enjoy these. Repeato with opposite leg.

Sweaty, Sandy Moleskin

  • I had a great time leading the local guys. Always amazing to workout in another region. Highly encourage you to do the same if ever traveling for work or fun.
  • Papa Smurf is an inspiration. 70 years young and right in the mix of things. Even runs a solo standard prior to the beatdown.
  • Cheesy Biscuit was a gracious host and offered to do every post-workout burpee with me. I bet that’s a lot of burpees over the course of the summer!
  • Kudos to Strut who was out in front for much of the workout. I hope he gets an opportunity to Q on his next visit so he can have a cool patch too.
  • Flossy tried to kick me when I admitted I didn’t use the stuff. Heisenburg was kind enough to remind me that I could purchase mint-flavored string from his pharmacy if I decided to improve my dental health.
  • Family Day this weekend at Myrtle Beach State Park. Races were postposed until a later date but you should still RSVP for games, potluck meal and some great 2nd F.
  • Shirts on sale for the AO. I’m in for one (who wouldn’t want a Blackbeard tee? Arrgh!) I think Heisenburg only needed a couple more to submit the order.
  • Many thanks to the GrandStrand region for the guest Q patch. It was an honor to workout with the men of Murrells Inlet today.

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  1. I learned later in the day that June 14 is Flag Day making the decision to recite the Pledge even better. I for one think that would be a good addition to every workout with a shovel flag.

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