The Longest EH

The Longest EH

Workout Date:



Mermaid (Guest Q from Area 51/South Charlotte)


Dory, Lois, Hot Pocket, Spinal Tap, Birthday Boy, Cheesy Biscuit, Coot Man (R), Faultner, Low Tide, Easaw, Pluff Mud (R), Papa Smurf (R), Bob the Builder, Heisenberg (R), Flossy, Punch Bug, Rock Thrill, FNG-Slow Roll, Mermaid (QIC)

The Thang:

Lights were on and Old Glory was flying as 19 PAX arrived for the Thursday installment of Blackbeard’s Revenge.  My brothers, Dory and FNG “Slow Roll” rode with YHC.  Annual family vacation brought us to Garden City this year.  Reached out to One Call last week and he recommended Blackbeard’s.  Found out Rock Thrill was also vacationing with his family nearby.  He turned me onto the Guest Q and sweet patch.  Cheesy Biscuit got me on the rotation for today.  Birthday Boy gave up his Q to allow me to lead this group today.  Thorough disclaimer given to the PAX and off we went into the rainy gloom.

Mosey around the perimeter of the baseball field.  Circle up on the b-ball court.


Plank to wait on the six.

All in cadence-

Merkin x 15

Mountain Climber x 13

Alternating Shoulder Taps x 15

Imperial Walker x 15

Low Plank Jack x 15

Low Slow Squat x 10

Alternating Jump Squat/Merkin Ladder

Line up the long way on the court.  Run to other side.  1 Jump Squat.  Run back.  2 Merkin.  Run back.  3 Jump Squat. Back.  4 Merkin.  Run.  5 Jump Squat.  Alternate between JS/Merkin to 20.

Plank series to wait for all to finish.


Feet at 6 inches.  Stay up between exercises: Flutter x 10/Dolly x 10/Heels to Heaven x 10/High Flutter x 10

Mosey out of park and across Old Kings Hwy and up Gregory Lane to the Parking Lot in the back of the medical center.  Reverse plank/right leg high/left leg high.

The Beast

Using 3 islands.  Run to 1st island.  6 x called exercise.  Run to 2nd island.  6 x called exercise.  Run to 3rd.  6 x called exercise.  Turn around and hit all 3 with 6 at each.  6×6.  6 rounds.

  1. Merkin
  2. Squat
  3. LBC
  4. Mountain Climber
  5. Burpee
  6. Flutter

Plank series to regroup.  Mosey back up Gregory Ln across Kings back into field.  Stop at b-ball court.  Line up the long way.

Bear Crawl Mary

Bear crawl across the court.  On your 6.  Mary exercises to 10 IC.  Backwards bear crawl to the launch point.  More Mary to 10 IC.  Heels to Heaven/High Flutter/Dolly/LBC



Really enjoyed getting out to this AO and working out with this group of men at Blackbeard’s.  Learned the lay of the land Tuesday during Heisenberg’s Q.  4 Respects out today.  Solid work from them and from the rest of the crew today.  Rock Thrill posted today and Tuesday.  He is a Fort Mill/Area 51 PAX also vacationing.  YHC does not get to see him as often as I would like.  Great to post two workouts in a week together.  Appreciate the tip on the Guest Q and the patch.  Strong work as usual.  Pre-ran both mornings training for Chicago marathon.  My brother Dory posted for the first time in a while.  Little ones who don’t sleep through the night have shifted his workouts to lunch time.  He was out front for much of the workout.

Enjoyed a rainy workout.  Been a while since YHC has gotten completed drenched from anything other than high intensity and high humidity.  The PAX blamed YHC for “bringing” the rain from Charlotte.

My twin brother posted for the 1st time this morning.  The EH has been on since YHC started F3 4.5 years ago.  Staying at the same house for vacation was helpful to get him out.  Really great to have him join us this morning.  PAX went easy on him with “Slow Roll.”  He was a horsehair away from getting Ariel.  First one is in the books, now he needs to post F3 Mountain Island.  There has been an F3 workout in his neighborhood for over a year now.  Strong work today brother.

May have messed up a couple of names in the PAX list.  Some were hard to understand/hear on the voice recording.  Apologies if yours is one of them.

It is awesome to go to another area and post or lead a workout.  Very much appreciate B-day Boy giving up his Q to allow YHC to lead this morning.  Thankful for the ability to do so.  T-claps to Cheesy Biscuit for site-Q leadership.  This is a solid AO and great group of men.  The Guest Q thing is a great idea.  After the workout, I completed my 34 Burpees in honor is Dipstick.  Also verbalized the F3 mission and core principles while doing them at the direction of Cheesy.  Dory, Rock Thrill, Cheesy B, Papa Smurf, and one other did them alongside me.  T-claps for extra credit men.


Continue prayers for 4 Y.O. Annie who suffered a fall recently.

Pelican’s game: hit up Cheesy Biscuit if you want to go.  Not sure which day and deleted my recording.  Q fail.  They are in town tonight, tomorrow, and Saturday.

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