Sunshine’s Eclipse

Sunshine’s Eclipse

Workout Date:





Huggy Bear (South Charlotte), Rousey, Handrail, Hot Tub, Crank Bait, Varsity, High Interest, Sunshine(QIC)

The Thang:

Conditions: Overcast and mildly muggy.  I arrived about 8 min early for the workout surprised to be the only PAX there.  I began setting out cones and soon, 1 by 1 PAX began arriving.  Today being the eclipse, and the day post dad’s camp, I had the feeling that the group may be light.  I almost forgot that I had Q, but was lucky to get calendar reminder and prepared the wienkie the night before with some special exercises just for the eclipse. 

1 Min Warning

Capri lap (just as last PAX arrived)


22 Merkins OYO



Mountain Climber 22 IC

Windmill 22 IC

Little Baby Arm Circles 15 IC

Reverse 15 IC

Sun Gods 10 IC (celebrating eclipse)

Over Head Claps 15 IC

Moon Gods 5 IC each leg (celebrating eclipse)

Mosey to big parking lot


Alarm 1 (arm,leg,abs,”r” exercise, “m” exercise): 30 reps :Carolina dry docks, lunges, LBC, Run (short lap), Merkins

Run full lap around AO

Alarm 2 : 20 reps; alt shoulder taps IC, jump squats, Peter Parkers, ranger merkins (Hands at ribs), Makhtar N’Diayes

Run small lap around big lot and through ball fields

Alarm 3: 10 reps; burpees, star jumps, mountain climbers, rockette hillbillies, monkey jumpers.

Mosey to grab some curb

Wheel of Merkins (10 reps each position)

Mosey to back lot

 Wilt Chamberlains (Modified d/t time): cones at 100 ft apart. 100 LBC at first cone, run to second cone, 100 squats, run, 50 flutter kicks (count right leg), run,  20 lunges (10 each)

Mosey back to flag




Announcements: Newspring church 4 SC workday on Saturday for community service at 8:30 am at church, Dad camp successful, Hulk-a-mania on Fridays 5:30 AM,  Republic, Riviera, and Timeshare Q sheet open and needing filling,

Prayer request: PAX traveling for eclipse.

Prayer given by YHC and an honor to lead

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