BOMBS over Bombsquad

BOMBS over Bombsquad

Workout Date:





Rousey, Kitten, Early Bird, Shatter, Rice Burner, Chewy, Crankbait

The Thang:


Conditions: 66 with a light northerly breeze at 10mph. humidity was a reasonable 84%. Great conditions for a workout in the gloom!

I was sitting at the Fight night hosted by YHC and wondering what to do monday.  Coincidentally I heard sunshine and Hot tub talking about some of the workouts they hadn’t done in a while.  Words like DORA and bear crawl around the church came up.  Since DORA was my usual Q I wanted something different. I made my plans and wrote it out only to find Hot tub and Sunshine in the old fart sack! The show had to go on!

1 minute warning was called

Disclaimer was given


SSHx 25 IC


LBAC forward x25 and reversex25 IC


Moutain climbers x 25 IC

Merkins x 20 OYO


The Thang:

We started right in with a bear crawl indian run around the church.  Halfway through I could see some PAX walking instead of crawling so we took a quick break.  We did Rocky Balboa on the curb x 20 IC and 20 calf raises each leg so we could all catch our breath.  Then the bear crawl pain continued back where we started.  I requested a quick 10 count and the Pax seemed happy to get a quick breather.

Mosey to the big lot by the base ball fields for the real fun BOMBS!  Pax paired up in 2s to tackle these numbers.  One Pax would Mosey to end of lot an back while the other counted up then switched places.


Overhead claps-100


Big boys-200


Not time for rinse and repeat so we Mosey’d over to the front of the church for some windsprints.  YHC was feeling good after nursing an ankle injury for a couple months so it was time to test it.  We did one run 50 percent, one 75 percent, Then I asked for everything on the last run.


We had just enough time for flutter kicks x 25IC, American Hammers x 20 IC, and some Box cutters x 15 IC


Count o rama-8


Prayer requests for the flood victims of the hurricane in Texas.

YHC lead the prayer at the BOM


Always a pleasure to lead a great group of men.  Drug my feet signing up so its been a while.  I really enjoy the opportunity to lead that F3 allows.  Get on the Q sheet its a blast!



Q sheet has openings in September so get on it men.  Also a big thanks to the Pax that came over and didn’t trash my house and left it all pretty clean!  Thanks to One Call for reminding me of my not so Hard Commit that turned into a very fun evening! Hope everyone had a good time! I did!



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