Freedom Friday-I Get Knocked Down But I Get Up Again

Freedom Friday-I Get Knocked Down But I Get Up Again

Workout Date:



Sunshine, Handy Manny, Kitten, Quaker


Sunshine, Handy Manny, Kitten, Quaker

The Thang:

AO: Hulkamania

Conditions: 29 degrees, Crisp

Quaker rolled into the AO at 5:07 to find Handy Manny & Sunshine stretching in preparation for the pre-run to the Village. Crankbait was DR and Flyover had family duties.  Hottub HC’s last evening but bailed at 1:59 am (flu?, insomnia?, common sense?)(#youdecide)

Stepping out into the cold air there was mummble chatter about the temp,  then Quaker attempted to stretch but instead left out a huge groan . . .  lots of laughs followed !! “Where’d that come from?” . . . blamed it on missing a week of beatdowns due to work obligations, but Sunshine quickly summed it up, “You’re gettin’ old” . . .Unfortunately he’s right . . . 48 is on the horizon!!

Kitten then pulled up and exited the Kitten Mobile holding a book! An outdate, tattered, politically incorrect children’s book about kittens. A week or so ago Kitten hinted that he was working on a beatdown based on this innocent looking piece of . . . literature. But we would just have to wait until we reach The Village! . . . the future Beatdown was anything but innocent.

5:10 and we were off!!

The pace was reasonable (#fastforme),about 8:40 mile according to Handy, and quite uneventful as we ran the circuit up the bridge, down the bridge, passed the “Y”, and across bypass 17. Good Chatter. . . run passed quickly. There was only 1 fantom obstacle (#mirage) that Handy had to jump over!!

As we entered the AO parking lot all was running smoothly, then it happened!!! MAN DOWN !! . . . Quaker’s vertical is not what it once was (#oldman) . . . he was unable to navigate a one inch high speed bump!! Not much vertical but plenty of style points for a graceful fall, shoulder roll and immediate bounce up to his feet!!

Quaker brushed off the dust and the pre-run was completed (1.7 miles). As we rounded the final corner, we saw Skidmark & Boxcar waiting for the ensuing Beatdown. . . .Shovel Flag was planted and festivities began(see Kitten’s B.B.)

After the COT the Hulkmaniacs grabbed Ol’ Glory for our 1.7 mile return trip to the Hulk! The Stars & Stripes flew proudly along the usual circuit as the post run was completed in the Gloom.



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