Judee Chop #2

Judee Chop #2

Workout Date:






The Thang:

AO: BombSquad

Conditions: Cool.

Podcast and YHC were the only ones posting at #JudeeChop this morning.  We went over last Saturday’s material and added a few more variations plus high percentage submissions that corresponded to the pins.  Those submissions included a shoulder lock, armbar (top and bottom), triangle choke and rear naked joke.  Podcast is a fast learner and was able to execute the techniques with working proficiency.  Cooperative NeWaza.  We then wrapped up with intro to throwing with arguably the most foundational of technique — learning how to take a fall!  We then fell back in with the rest of the PAX and YHC Q’d mobility exercises to work on flexibility.
JUDO MAXIM: Minimal Effort/Maximum Efficiency.  Honing the technique to a point where there is little physical exertion, but still having the desired effect.  5’4′ Jigoro Kano (founder of Judo) throwing a 250 lb opponent.
STREET SELF DEFENSE MAXIM: 3 Ts.  STrategic, Tactical & Technique.  3 levels of self defense awareness in tandem with the 3 Ss.  The “technique level” (ex, punch, kick, throw, lock, weapon disarm, etc.) is the least important of the 3; you’ll avoid getting your butt kicked altogether with the first 2.  Come to #JudeeChop for elaboration.
NMMS:  Our God is a fierce warrior who jealously defends his people!  Great work Podcast!


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