New Year’s Snotty Deck of Death

New Year’s Snotty Deck of Death

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Crank bait

The Thang:

Conditions: Very Cold (27 degrees and cloudy).  No one on Q sheet to lead this morning so I posted on twitter that I would lead DOD if others showed. I texted 10 PAX (Kotters) the night prior who had been MIA for some time trying to drum up burpees for Quaker upon his return (crickets re: text). I arrived about 4 min early and no one had shown as of start time.  I decided to wait a few minutes in case someone was running late. I was so looking forward to either crawling back in fartsack with M or a big cup of coffee as it was soon cold.  Then Crankbait rolled in!  Beatdown was On!

No disclamer, Just started runnin’!  I suggested a long mosey to warm up.  We ran 4.5 laps around AO ending up in the large parking lot lined up along edge of lot adjacent to baseball field fence.

DOD as follows:

Spades: drop and perform burpees as per card i.e. Ace=1, deuce=2…, King=13

Clubs: bear crawl to first line (1/3 across lot) and perform Sumo Squats as per card

Diamonds: toy soldier to second line (2/3 across) and perform diamond merkins as per card

Hearts: mosey all way across lot and perform BBSU as per card.

Joker: full lap mosey around AO

DOD until time called and slow mosey back to shovel flag.


Coffeeteria to follow the cold beatdown on New Years Day.

MoleSkin:  Being that heavier gloves are needed during cold weather and DOD is a card app on phone, using finger to choose card is not an option.  Too cold to use fifth appendage to advance card, my nose was the chosen skin covered appendage.  Made for an interesting site as my nose began running from the cold wind.

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