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One of our own, PertPlus, needs help getting to South Africa to adopt their son. You can read more about it here, . It’s been a long road for them to get to this point but they’ve held strong in their faith and have made it!

To help get Pert and his family to South Africa, we’re going to launching a new fundraiser:

Buy – A – Burpee.


It’s just as simple as it sounds, F3 GrandStrand will be selling Burpee tickets for $1 each. You can then give that ticket to the PAX of your choice and they have to do a burpee. Buy as many as you want and give them out as freely as you choose. These tickets never expire and may be used at any time.

The PAX that purchases the most Burpee tickets will receive an autographed 8×10 of Pert from the Halloween Convergence.

There will also be special recognition for the PAX that receives the most tickets, so go ahead and plan to give all your tickets to Bluegrass. Feel free to team up and see how many burpees an Ultimate PAX can do, or maybe see how much the Weasel Shaker shakes during burpees. Or you could see how many burpees it takes to get Handy to stop smiling. Don’t forget the Nantan or your AOQ, they are always excited to receive gifts!

YHC will distribute tickets to all AOQs at the beginning of the week, so start digging in the couch cushions for some donations!

Let’s go men! Share the joy of Burpees and get Pert that much closer to South Africa, and of course 100% of the donations go to Pert! (I’m not being paid…)


High Interest

2 Replies to “BUY – A – BURPEE”

  1. This is ULTIMATE! I will take 50 if u can somehow get them to #TheRepublic Monday AM. I will also give them out immediately following the COT. Get HYPED!

  2. Such a great idea!!! I do notice you call out Bluegrass (who can probably only handle 8 burpees), Goldberg, Handy. Bling, AOQs and YHC…..what of our 1stF Q?? Or that 2ndF party guy! Or our ComZ sitting behind the computer all day?? O so many choices!!! Of course, since this is 100% for Pert, maybe he needs 100% of the burpees!?!?!??!

    Seriously such a privilege to be part of this group of #HIM who step up to help a Brother and his family in a time of need!

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