F3 Grand Strand “Original Trident” Logo Swag … Order Today!

F3 Grand Strand “Original Trident” Logo Swag … Order Today!

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The opportunity to don the original F3 Grand Strand logo is now available for all! The link is currently live for PAX to place their order for Team MudGear swag with the “Trident” logo on multiple types of shirts styles which are also offered in a number of colors. Please click the link below which will take you directly to the Team MudGear site and our exclusive page with pics and descriptions.

F3 Grand Strand Pre-Order

The pre-order period will be open until Friday, August 25, at 5:00 p.m. Once the link is down, production will begin on all merchandise ordered and will take approximately three weeks until the entire order is shipped.

If you would like to order and receive FREE shipping please click link below and plug your order in including your name, the item(s) you want including size and the remaining available boxes. At that point, please provide and make arrangements with Lombardi (@mattrharris) of payment for your items. All orders received are considered a “HC.”


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