got Catapult?

got Catapult?

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Flop and Rousey


All F3 Grandstrand Pax

The Thang:

The region’s newest AO – The Catapult – is well underway with a core group of quality guys who were either a little banged up, once-regulars, or want a place to work out at a lighter pace to call their own. Whatever the reason, the Catapult – the name suggesting to take a step of faith and propel yourself to better things in life – is making an impact!

So, if you are still on the bubble or know of a guy (potential #HIM) that would be a good fit; post, send him an invite (or better yet post with him) and Co-AOQs Flop and Rousey (and the other guest Qs) will handle the rest! Catapult is held at the same campus as BombSquad AO (Carolina Forest Community Church), but on Tues. & Thurs. (0530 – 0615).

Alternatively, if you are a #HIM regular Pax that is looking for a “recovery” workout option trying to balance out your weekly bootcamp-run-ruck-KB routine with proper rest; consider posting at Catapult. For ex. YHC endeavors to workout “hard” 4 times a week, but wants a 5th time that is a little lighter, with core work and much needed (often neglected) mobility & stretching…the Catapult is the answer!

Check out our backblasts on the F3Grandstrand regional website to get an idea of the level/pace of a typical workout as well as the fun we have “getting better” in the gloom!



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