Leadership Changes at #TheRepublic

Leadership Changes at #TheRepublic

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Straplock, BigWheelz, Hoedown, Latex, Smokey Bear, Etch a Sketch

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After being introduced to F3, or EHd if you will, I quickly wanted to find my place in this leadership outfit. Of course all the typical #excusebag thoughts cluttered up my head. What if I can’t do it, what if I didn’t! There was much discussion about and strategic planning for the opening of F3GrandStrand’s next AO. Conway was on deck, a #HIM needed to step up. I can remember slinging my hand up during a BOM at #Warthog and saying I’ll take the helm of Conway’s AOQ. Emails, texts, and calls were sent out to a bunch of #sadclowns. #TheRepublic was opened. We had a huge opening day with 42 PAX! From then to now we have added more and lost some…. The EH is still strong and I pray that some wayward PAX will someday return, but from this AO birthed a run group, a cycling group, and another AO #TheRiviera.

Change is needed from time to time to keep the machine going. I have been AOQ for the last 2 years and it’s time for some new leadership to freshen things up a bit. With new leadership comes new ideas. I am excited to see where this AO goes from here!

Staplock has agreed to split the duties with BigWheelz, so this will be a co-led AO.

Please give these men T-Claps for stepping up!


See you in the gloom,




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  1. Thank you for a truly amazing job out there. You took us to new levels with Q’ing, leading, coffee expertise, recruiting, EH’ing and many other things. #TheRepublic was very well served and your leadership continues with your choice of the new AOQs. 2 very strong #HIM!

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