NEED FNG’s!!! for a new AO!!!!

NEED FNG’s!!! for a new AO!!!!

Workout Date:





ALL and FNG's!!!

The Thang:

Greetings everyone!!  There has been a lot of action behind the scenes trying to get F3 in front of more #SadClowns.  Kitten, High Interest, and Sunshine have been hard at work looking at starting another AO, and some decisions have been made.  A lot of thought has gone into this, and several factors are at play.

Long story short:

  1. This AO will be a Tuesday, Thursday, Friday boot camp option at: 904 65th Avenue North,    Myrtle Beach, SC (this is the soccer fields at the old YMCA, next to The Child Development Ministry of First United Methodist Church of Myrtle Beach).
  2. There are many reasons for these days and this location that we don’t want to put on the internet (because of people’s privacy), but ask Kitten, High Interest, Sunshine, Hoser, or YHC (OneCall) and we will gladly share.
  3. Start date WILL BE Tuesday, November 7 at 0530.
  4. Name of AO is in the works.  Tell us your suggestions.
  5. Sunshine will be the AOQ.  Congrats!!!
  6. SO……..We need names and emails!!!!  PERSONAL EH’ing works the best!!!!  So start telling guys!!!  And we will have an email blast as well starting a few weeks out.  Click here to add names and emails of the #SadClowns you know.


Thank you all!

Iron Sharpens Iron

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