#WaveRucker – what is it?

#WaveRucker – what is it?

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PAX – posting this for several reasons.

  1. To be sure there is no confusion
  2. To let everyone know what #WaveRucker is
  3. To have guys that wanna check us out, do so

So, a few weeks ago, Hoser posted some great information about Team Spearhead and the Pathfinder challenge. You can read all about that here.  For purposes of #WaveRucker, we are using this “Floating AO” as a way to accomplish some of the many requirements of Pathfinder.

Some of you may recall #WaveRunner – our original run group that fizzled out a while back.  To resurrect the idea, we have #WaveRucker.  Get it?  We don’t run, we ruck!  How clever is that?  Thanks Hoser for the great name idea!

#WaveRucker involves getting a 4-6 mile pre or post ruck combined with a ruck WOD, that starts at 0415 and ends at 0615 so we can join the PAX at the #Beatdown for the all important COT.  The plan is that #WaveRucker floats each week between #BombSquad and #Warthog so guys that are only able to post at one or the other can take advantage of the ruck WOD.  Usually, in between the ruck and the WOD, we will be around the gathering changing shoes, hydrating, etc.  Then we will disappear for 45 minutes.  Kinda like ninjas.  Big loud ninjas, but still, ninjas.  We usually have extra rucks for guys that wanna try it out.  Weight vests work too.

Hopefully now everyone will know why some of us disappear during the #beatdown.  But we will be back for the COT as F3 is one community of #HIM and the COT is a vital part of every workout!

See everyone in the gloom!


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