7 of Timeshare Diamonds

7 of Timeshare Diamonds

Workout Date:





Cubby, Weasel, Enron, Chicken Little, Viagra (QIC)

The Thang:

Conditions : Upper 30’s, Tolerable.

Disclaimer given. Warmup 15 TTT IC, Stretch – Right over left then Left over right.  15 IW’s IC,  ATM’s (Weasel favorite. Don’t ask him what ATM stands for especially when your children are around) 15 Alternating shoulder taps, 10 tempo merkins, 10 fast merkins all IC.  10 LBAC’s forward, 10 Backward, 10 seal claps, 10 O Claps, all IC.

Mosey to Coupon pile and grab blocks.

Colt 45 – 15 curls from bottom to midway, 15 from midway to top, 15 full range.

Mosey to ball field at the park

Let the fun begin with some 7 of diamonds

7 merkins at each base

14 4 cnt FK’S next time around

21 LBC’s

28 Squats. Then decrease to

21 M Climbers

14 Hello Dolly’s

7 CDD’s

Mosey to playground (Yoga Mat) to do undetermined amount of BB sit ups until QIC has had enough. Around 20 or so.

Off to shelter with adjoining gazebo

7’s Dips and Derkins starting with 1 dip on picnic bench and 6 Derkins at gazebo bench ect.

Mosey to another picnic shelter where we did 25 curls with picnic tables.

Time running short so we moseyed back ro AO with a couple minutes left

Lunge walk to other side of parking lot then Toy Soldier back.


Prayer request for Chicken Little’s Cousin and all their family. Also Weasle’s family as his sister in law in similar situation with depression and potential suicide. We all need to pay special attention to those who suffer from depression for whatever reason and let them know we are a phone call away anytime.  There are also suicide hotlines available.  Reach out regularly to those in need.  Weasel who you know is a Marine,  shared that he knows of multiple soldiers that have succumbed to suicide and continues to constantly stay in touch with buddies he’s served with.  Let’s not wait and hope everything is OK.

Always an honor to lead .


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