Rain or Shine, Heat or Cold!

Rain or Shine, Heat or Cold!

Workout Date:





Bundy, Chicken Little, Cubby, Manziel, Quicksand (Q), Viagra (Respect)

The Thang:

Conditions: 48-51 Degrees; Rain Stopped but the Ground is Wet.

Equipment: Ourselves and the Environment.

Chicken Little planted the flag; 1 Minute Warning and then the disclaimer is given. We start with a little warmup.

SSH -25x
TTT – 25x
Squats – 25x
Burpees – 5x
LBAC Forward – 25x
LBAC Reverse – 25x
Overhead Claps – 25x
Burpees – 5x
Windmills – 25x
Leg things – 25x
Sumo Squats – 25x
Burpees – 5x

After the initial warmup we line up on the line and go forward with Toy Soldiers and back with Frankensteins. Burpees 5x. We go forward with Karaoke’s facing 1 way and then back facing the other way. Burpees 5x. Manziel grabbed the flag and we mosey to Yoga Mat. At the yoga mat everyone except Manziel and Myself swing on the swingset to cool down while I explain DORA. We will partner up while 1 partner runs around the bathroom the other will do merkins (100), then flutter kicks (150) and finish with LBCs (200). When finished hold a leg raise until everyone is done. Bundy then grabs the flag and we mosey to a covered bench area to do 20 step ups, 20 dips which we added more after some mumble chatter, then bench curls on Manziel’s request. Viagra grabbed the flag and we mosey to the tennis courts. I start with a bear crawl and crab walk with 10 merkins. At this point I am pretty winded so I have each PAX choose one; each time changing the line we go to. Cubby does a backwards run with Squats. Viagra chooses Karaoke’s with Heels to Heaven. Manziel has us do High Knees and Burpees. Bundy goes with Sprints and Jump Squats. Chicken Little chooses Lunges and Diamond Merkins.

After that we stay on the tennis courts and do exercises at each corner. Cubby first selects Cherry Pickers but changes that to good mornings after I request for each PAX to text me the exercises they chose for the backblast. I figure he didn’t want everyone to know about the cherry pickers. Have no worries Cubby, I’m sure only every F3 brother will read this. Viagra does his famous American Hammers; you would think he has abs of steel. Manziel is about to pick burpees but I remind him the count for the corners is 20 so he then selects Peter Parkers. I ask for a demonstration and then we continue. I’m pretty sure he totally messed the count up for these but Chicken Little kept it going with his own count. We were all pretty happy because at this point I think everyone is feeling the beatdown. Chicken Little has us do crunchy frogs and then Bundy has us do something he (or any of us) didn’t know the name for so he demonstrates. It is basically a good morning with 1 leg out and arm up. When finished Chicken little grabbed the flag and we moseyed back to the AO to finish with some protractors.

We finished with a COT. Bundy is going to have a child, Viagra is going to have a grandchild, Viagra gave blood and then some discussion of February’s events. Finished with a prayer. Next time if I miss anything for example the Count or Name o Rama please let me know. Afterwards we headed to Dunkin Donuts for some coffeteria time. Some amazing conversations about car dealerships since Manziel and Bundy have some experience and then the conversation lead to the scriptures. We conversed on many different topics jumping all around with everyone sharing. It was great and helpful. Manziel will be leading a church service on Sundays starting at 10. There will be refreshments at 9:30. For more information see his website: https://faithreformedbaptistchurch.org/

Thanks all for the help. God bless all of us.

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