Random is.. as Random does…

Random is.. as Random does…

Workout Date:





Beaker, Manziel

The Thang:

Conditions = 60’s/ sketchy*/ damp / almost a lightning show then clear

Another Open slot on the Q sheet and YHC was on the fence, so to speak, if I could make it out in the gloom. Headache was poundin at 04:00 – Ill tell ya a healthy flying elvis and advil can do it in a pinch!

None the less I got on my big boy pants and got my tail to the AO
Manziel had texted the night before, he had fresh eggs for sale- nothing else i was gettin those eggs! AO special and an undisclosed price! Get you sum hit up ya boy Manziel!

3min silent warning

In cadence
20 TTT
20 SSH
22 merkins honoring the 22 veterans who take their lives everyday
Stretch it out/ note well taken from beakers groans in which i was as well joining in!
Soldier boy to the back of lot and butt kick back

Mosey to get blocks
aanndd that was a big not gonna work cause the blocks were buried in someone’s reclaim aluminum furniture stock pile over the block storage.

And we’re off to the beach
Rough winke’ sketch of a block beatdown on my mind, was dashed… that’s ok… onward.
To the beach we will still go
Indian Run down on the sandy fluff to the Avista beach access
Beaker commented how he was Glad i got my “Forest Run” out the way
A pause for 20 dips OYO
20 Incl/Decl Merkins Your choice

To the Avista we moseyed
8 Levels 8 beatdowns on each level for the pax
On the way up each ramp switched between = Karaoke / Backwards / Regular mosey
1-Wall sits w/ OH presses x 20
2-squats x20
3-Sumo squats x20
4-Balls to the wall 1 push up
5-Flutter Kicks x20
6-Balls on the wall again i think …blur
7-LBC’s x20
8-Top Level – Incl/Decl off freshly painted wall

DORA – 1 total Round
Pax pick and runs to end of deck and back
Manziel choice for pax- Merkins
Beaker choice – Hillbilly
YHC choice- shoulder taps

What goes up must come down!
Moseyed to 7 – mumblechattered along the way
7- Balls to the wall x 1 rep pushup
6- Balls to the wall x 1 rep pushup
5- Wall sit OH press IC x20 not sure here plan was all balls on the wall
4- Balls to the wall x 1 rep pushup
3- Balls to the wall x 1 rep pushup
2- Balls to the wall x 1 rep pushup
1- Balls to the wall x 1 rep pushup
0- Mosey out

Back to the Avista beach access point
Pause at sit area- 20 dips OYO & 20 Incl/Decl OYO

Mosey back to Main st. entrance

We did not have the shovel flag, in Lieu of this anomaly,

Pledge of Allegiance to the Weather worn American Flag at the horseshoe!

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America
And to the Republic for which it stands,
One nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all!”

Back to the AO
Round of Mary
20 Big Boys
20 American Hammers OYO
10 Crunchy Frogs

5 burpees with a clap bonus for the boys!


YHC prayed us out. Praying for our leaders- You know it’s a blessing to live in this great nation and we owe it all to God our father. When you see so much chaos and limited understanding, your heart is stirred for the great things he hath given us… His holy spirit, His love for us and all of us alone, Our friends, Family, spouses, children, the work he has called for us to do.
Many going through health challenges, just know he is our healer and our strength in times of trouble.



Honor to lead!

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