Thursday in the Park

Thursday in the Park

Workout Date:





Beaker, Cubby, KaPow, Snooky, Viagra

The Thang:

Temp around 70 ish. Disclaimer given 5:15.

20 IW’s IC, 20 TTT IC , 20 Windmills IC, 15 LBAC IC, Forward,Reverse, OC’s

mosey to the Fountain in the park and grab some wall

11’s Dips and Step ups

Mosey to playground area, otherwise know as the “Yoga Mat”

Ring of Fire.  Circled up and all pax held plank while each pax took turn doing 10 CDD’s.  Form is important as everyone is watching.

Next on our Six. Hold 6 inches while each pax did 10 BB sit-ups.  We think Snooky was in awe and just wanted to play on the assorted playground equipment.

Mosey to Tennis courts.

Kind of a Dora except running while partner does reps we Bear crawled to designated line and back then switched.

100 Merkins (Bear Crawl)

200 LBC’s (Lunge Walk)

300 Squats (Toy Soldier)

Getting close on time so we mosied back  to AO.

Time for a little Mary so 25 Flutter Kicks, 20 Pretzel Crunch’s 10 each leg and 10 more with legs high.

Time! Definitely feeling the abs this morning.

Always fun to lead. Got a little better today.


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