11, 9, 7, 5

11, 9, 7, 5

Workout Date:





Headgear, Sleepy, Karma, Flash, Frogger (Lake Norman), Humpback, Billboard (Respect), Kesey (FNG, Respect), Valvano (QIC)

The Thang:

1 minute warning

Disclaimer given


SSH x 25 IC
Imperial Walkers x 15 IC
Plank position – YHC asked the PAX to share the F3 Mission Statement for our FNG, which was stated perfectly by Karma
10 Merkins IC
Plank position – 5 Core Principles were called out by PAX
10 Merkins IC
Plank position – F3 Creedo stated by Headgear
5 Merkins IC
TTT x 10 IC
Windmills x 10 IC
LBAC x 15, Reverse LBAC x 15, Overhead Clap x 15, Overhead Press x 15 all IC

Mosey to the picnic tables for 11’s
1st exercise: 1 step up each leg + 1 box jump
2nd exercise: Dips
YHC added the box jump after Headgear threw some at us at #Warthog on Thursday. This turned the 11’s into a very slow grind.

Mosey across the bridge to the Valor Park fountain for 9’s
1st exercise: Incline Merkins
2nd exercise: Decline Merkins
YHC had some other plans near the fountain, but Karma was trying his hardest to get F3 hit with a restraining order, so YHC quickly modified and called a mosey back to the picnic tables.

With Karma distracted and lagging behind, YHC called to circle up on your 6 at the bridge for some mid-beatdown Mary
American Hammers, Flutter Kicks, and Heels to Heaven

Finally make it back to the picnic tables for 7’s
1st exercise: Bulgarian Split Squats (1 each leg)
2nd exercise: Jump Squats
This is when Frogger joined us after a lap around the lake. A late night of drinking had gotten the best of him this morning, but he persevered and made it out!

Mosey back across the bridge to the curb outside the doughnut shop
20 Merkins OYO – 5 with hands on curb, turn 90 degrees, 5 with left hand/foot on curb, turn 90, 5 with feet on curb, turn 90, 5 with right hand/foot on curb
20 Squats OYO
16 Merkins OYO – 4 at each position
16 Squats OYO
12 Merkins OYO – 3 at each position
12 Squats OYO
8 Merkins OYO – 2 at each position
8 Squats OYO
4 Merkins OYO – 1 at each position
4 Squats OYO

Mosey back to the picnic table side of Mt. Myrtle for 5’s
1st exercise: BBSU
2nd exercise: BBSU (not a typo)

Mosey to the flag for some more Mary, PAX choice:
YHC – American Hammers IC, changing tempo, x 26
Humpback – Heels to Heaven … maybe?
Frogger – Jane Fondas(?) x 10 IC each side (side plank, raise/lower hip towards ground)

Time Called

Count-O-Rama – 9
– IronPAX starts 9/6 – SIGN UP!  Take it seriously, or not, but SIGN UP!

IronPAX Challenge Registration Form

– F3Nation 10 Year Anniversary Convergence Oct 8-10 in Wilmington, NC.  Jeter is leading the #clowncar logistics – check Slack!
– Freed to Bleed 10/29


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