Just the Two of Us

Just the Two of Us

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Geno, Hoser

The Thang:

Cold Temps meant a drop in attendance this morning at waverucker. While the mercury in the thermometer hung on at 35° this morning, two brave and darn good looking ruckers got to work. It was nice to have Billboard cheer us on as he rode circles around us on his bike while waiting for his adventure race compadre to show up for their training ride.

A decision was made that a longerish ruck would be better than ruck and PT so we got a 5.5 mile ruck in. Good times where had. You might be asking yourself how can 2 people have fun on a ruck in 35° weather. Well I can tell you that the miles and time flew by with the stories that were told, the history lessons given and advice shared.

We returned back to the cars better men then when we left. Closed with COT.

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