Parking Deck with FNG

Parking Deck with FNG

Workout Date:





Varsity, Snips, FNG - Ronaldo (John), Scuba Steve, Turn and Cough, Corkscrew, Franklin, Lombardi, and Carmax

The Thang:

Conditions: Mid 50’s

1 minute warning and disclaimer provided.

Warm up (ssh, mountain climbers, imperial walkers, through the tunnel, little baby arm circles, and reverse little baby arm circles)

Mosey to Market Common for Dora at the flagpoles.

Dora workout – 50 burpees, 100 jump squats, and 300 lbcs.

Mosey to parking deck.

Run to the top as a group stopping at the start of each new level for merkins or wide arm merkins in cadence. Wall sit for 1 minute as a group.

Second round. Same as before but stopping for flutter kicks or American Hammers in cadence. Six inches for 1 minute.

Mosey back to the start for circle of trust.

We welcomed a new F3 brother with an F3 name of Ronaldo. His first name is John, but I will have to get with Snips to get his last name.

Nice work gentlemen and welcome to the group Ronaldo!


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