Well That Wont Work

Well That Wont Work

Workout Date:





Studebaker, Turn-N-Cough, Flop, High Bar (2.0), Hoser (YHC)

The Thang:

Every time YHC leads a ultimate frisbee workout the same thing happens at the BOM. All the pax say how great and fun that was and how we should do this at least one a month. After enough hints YHC decided to grant the pax their wish and Q and ultimate frisbee Q on the last Saturday of the month at Warthog. This would be a time for the pax to bring their 2.0s and have a great time as an extended family. So this was going to be to be the start of it. YHC posted it out to the region and on Saturday arrived at the AO eager to get this amazing time going. My hopes were soon dashed as I was the only pax there. 5 minutes before the start Studebaker arrived and look just as disappointed as I felt. Turn and Flop with his 2.0 arrived shortly after all with the look of disappointment in their eye.

YHC gave the 1 minute warning. With an odd number we debated doing 2 on 2 with an all time thrower but soon realized that would not work. With no backup Q planned we decided as a group to mosey over to the Bean for some extended fellowship. At the bean we worked on our biceps by doing curls with various weights. We worked on our core by laughing as stories were told. We then took a leisurely took a stroll back to the AO, after all we didn’t want to spill our coffee. We then circled up for BOM. Only announcement was that Bling is leading an extended ruck training next Saturday. There were no spoken prayer requests. All pax got into their cars and enjoyed the rest of the day with their families.

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