No Name Needed… Just Rucking

No Name Needed… Just Rucking

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Onecall, Headgear, Valvano, Bling, Hoser, Kiwi, Cotton Candy

The Thang:

Hello Boys!!

I tried to go under the radar and signed up to Q a while ago when i was still up in Quantico.  Hoping to bring the heat to the ruckers.  I’m back for a couple weeks so you should see me pop up on the Q sheet before I head to California.  Anyways, i got to the AO around 4am and went for a nice jog prior and did some route recon prior to everyone showing up.  Hoser pulled in about 10mins til w/ Headgear right behind him.    Everyone else was pushing the time window, but all Pax were present and ready to roll.

The Thang…

Quick warmup w/ Tempo Squats, Merkins and  Regular Squats , followed by a lap around the track.  2nd Lap started the workout so i had to make the guys sprint back and forth across the field width wise.  I dont know why, but it seemed like a good idea.

Headed over to the little hill and partnered up:

Partner A Plank, Partner B run to top of the Hill and complete 10x SSH run back down and switch.  We did 3 rounds of this.

Next Partner A does continuous Squats, Partner B runs up and over hill to other side, runs back.  We did another 3 rounds.

After this it was time to get some rucking in and i took the guys over towards the parking deck.  Once we got there i gave them their next instructions.  Run up the ramps, PT on each Deck.  We got to the middle section and completed 25 Kettle Bell Swings OYO, Ran up to Top and Completed 25 OHP OYO.  Time to drop the packs.  There was a flyby hanging out on top of the deck and everyone was trying to use that as an excuse to slow down so i obliged.  10 Louganis on my up (Big Boy Sit up Holding Coupon overhead entire time), 25 Flutter Kicks IC and 25 American Hammers IC.  Still no Eclipse so i went with another workout on the deck waiting for it…

Partner up again…  Partner A does OHP w/ Ruck while Partner B sprints down ramp, completes Burpee, and sprints back up.  We did this 3 times.  Still no Eclipse so I decided its time to move on.  We headed back to the parking area to grab some additional coupons for the next half of the workout.  Once we got to my truck everyone grabbed a beat stick and we rucked around the Baseball fields to the empty parking lot on the other side.

Full Parking Lot Suicide using the landscape islands as cones.  This seemed to really please the packs, especially now that they are carrying a 5′ piece of PVC that weighs just enough to cause pain.  After getting the Pax back together we Ruck the long way back around and hit the parking lot with approx 10 mins left.  Instead of pushing everyones buttons, i used this time to include some stretching.  We went over to the field for this since the Waverucker/Warthog/Market Common pavement sucks worse than the village did.



Name O Rama, COT

Kiwi Prayed us out.

Really glad to get back to the beach… Ill see you guys soon.



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