Hoser’s Secret Spot… Insert your own joke here.

Hoser’s Secret Spot… Insert your own joke here.

Workout Date:





Bling, Onecall, Lombardi, Geno, Valvano, Hoser (YHC)

The Thang:

Weather: Cloudy, calm, low humidity (only 96%), 72°, why it was down right pleasant.

WaveRucker’s genesis was to be include a ruck then a ruck WOD. Lately a shift has happened to focus on more of a long ruck and forgo the  ruck WOD. The reason for this can be attributed to a combination of needed recovery rucks, as well as training for the Star Course. However today there was no need for a recovery ruck and no Star Course to train for..yet…what!?! Today we would be taking it old school. At least as old as January 2018 when WaveRucker was established.

Earlier in the week YHC told all  pax coming to Waverucker to bring a sandbag with them. One pax who go nameless but it rhymes with beno and has many aliases did not bring a sandbag. YHC was half surprised because he has half the GoRuck inventory at his house, all in mint condition by the way. Luckily spare sandbags were brought ,TClaps to Onecall, so this poor unfortunate pax would not have to go without.

As the pax pulled into the parking lot questions were asked about when will we need the sandbags and where are we putting them. A response of you’ll see was give to all questions. At 0430 we circled up. Disclaimer was given and YHC led the pax in some stretches. We would need to be extra limber for todays beatdown…insert your second joke here.

After stretching we rucked up and shouldered the sandbags and YHC led the pax to the secret spot. Once there the fun began…insert your third joke here.

The Beatdown:

YHC informed the pax that we will be utilizing the sandbags for the workout while wearing rucks. We would do an elevator style workout where we would start with one rep, then two, so on and so forth till we got to 10 reps. The exercises were sandbag muscle clean, sandbag push press, sandbag back squat, and sandbag 180° burpee. After every set the pax would bear crawl 30 yards out and lunge walk 30 yards back. It didn’t take much time before the sweat started pouring and the groans became vocalized…insert your fourth joke here. As the pax finished with the last set all were soaked, out of breath and spent…insert your fifth joke here. We shouldered the sandbags and rucked back to the cars. Once in the parking lot the gear was dropped and the pax circled up for cool down stretching and devo.


During the F3 Grandstrand third anniversary we thanked and honored the “redwood originals”. This got me thinking. For those of you that have not been out to the West Coast to see a true redwood forest may not have known this. But Redwoods will grow in circles. These circles are called Family Circles.  This happens because once a redwood is harvested or fallen basal burls sprout from the root system of the ordinal tree. Also most redwoods grow more successfully from sprouts that form around the base of a tree, utilizing the nutrients and root system of a mature tree. When the parent tree dies, a new generation of trees rise. YHC challenged the pax present this morning to be that “original redwood”. We all have that title if not in F3, then maybe your job, and defiantly in your household with your family.  Pour yourself into others. Set them up to succeed. To be better than you. When you get home spend that time with your family. Establish that root system so that your “family circles” will continue to flourish after you. Don’t seclude yourself into your phone, ipad, computer, tv show, book or whatever trivial thing in trying to compete for your attention.


Thank you for coming out to waverucker this morning, and tnak you for your hardwork.


Be on the lookout for a date change for the F3 Grandstrand CSAP event being Qed by Bluegrass.

2nd F lunch today (6/13) at Dagwoods in Myrtle Beach.

F3 Grandstrand Family Beach day is scheduled for this Saturday (6/16) sign up sheet in on Slack

Onecall is Qing Warthog on Saturday (6/16) said his Q has the ability to be 2.0 friendly so bring them out.

Valvano is next to Q Waverucker on 6/20.

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