The Start of Something New

The Start of Something New

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Waverucker has gone through many changes over the years. It has gone from a nomad group, to a dedicated corps of #HIM that has led to amazing workouts that focus on famous and sometimes lesser know dates and people in American and World history. To more recently a “i’ll go if I feel like it” AO.

With Waverucker being on its proverbial death bed there were meetings with Valvano, Headgear and YHC about what to do. We discussed a change in leadership, changing the day, time, and location. In the end we decided to split Waverucker into two distinct days. Monday would focus more on Ruck PT and is not tied to a specific AO allowing flexibility to move where the Pax are, while Wednesday would focus more on miles and remain at Warthog. The hope is that this would allow more flexibility to the pax to pick and choose what they wanted to do while still growing Waverucker. We are hopeful that this will grow and continue to be beneficial to the region, but we are open to change and suggestions. As Valvano told me last week “lets just throw this against the wall and see what sticks”.

The announcement was put out on Saturday that Monday at 0500 at Doug Shaw something new was taking place.

This morning was day one of our experiment and the weather was perfect. 62 degrees, a nice breeze and a light mist at the end of the workout to help cool us down.

Numbers had not been great so YHC was ecstatic to see 6 other PAX circled up in the end zone waiting for the fun to begin. After we finished the administration phase of introductions and disclaimers we got to work.

1st exercise: Tabata 5 rounds, 30/30 work rest cycle

  • Thrusters
  • Lateral Hops over your ruck
  • Ruck swings
  • Merkin ruck pull throughs

2nd exercise at the bleachers: 10 minute AMRAP

  • 8 ruck squats
  • 25 step ups
  • 8 ruck overhead squats
  • 25 step ups
  • 8 ruck front squats
  • 25 step ups

3 exercise back to the goal line: 10 minute AMRAP, sans ruck

YHC did not have enough sandbags for all PAX present so time to adapt. Dealers choice pax could choose one of two exercises:

  • Option A sandbag clean and toss. Pax will clean and toss the sandbag twice, run back and touch the goal line, run back to their sandbag to do 2 more reps of clean and toss.
  • Option B bear crawl ruck drag. Pax will do a break crawl ruck drag for 10 yards then run back and touch the goal line, run back to their ruck and do another 10 yard bear crawl ruck drag.

Regardless of which option the pax chose once they made it to the far end zone they would then reverse course, meaning they would work they way back to the near end zone and run and touch the goal line at the far end zone.

With this being the 2 year anniversary of the line of duty death of our brother Hightower, YHC ordered the pax to do this exercise in silence. To use this time to reflect, to give thanks for what they have in their lives, to remember and give thanks to those that have sacrificed for this country, and to pray and have some quiet time with God or whatever deity you believe in.

After the 10 minutes we did a cool down walk to the middle of the 50 yard line where we circled up and did pax led stretching. We closed midfield with announcements and prayers.

Announcements: 2nd F calendar is live for October. Join the 1st F challenge.

Prayer Requests: Headgear and Manziel both have family members going through chemo therapy. Valvano’s M grandma died yesterday (10/2). Hurricane Ian recovery both in Florida and here at home.