BackBlast Glad to be back!!

Glad to be back!!

Conditions: 80s with some SC humidity. YHC/QIC was DR for a few weeks on business in the Big Apple and was glad to be back home to the much slower pace of Myrtle Beach! Humpback and I traded days, so a welcome back #weinke was quickly put together borrowing some circuits from beatdowns that YHC …

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BackBlast Riders on the Storm

Riders on the Storm

AO: BombSquad Conditions: 75 degrees, Low Humidity, then Torrential Rain!!  . . . Perfect Yesterday after noon YHC was presented with the opportunity to Q this morning due to Skidmark being ill. Yes!!! Saturdays have been strong at BombSquad with double digit attendance each week, but when YHC rolled into the Shovel Flag Lot at …

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BackBlast 4 Year Anniversary Convergence

4 Year Anniversary Convergence

What an awesome Gloom for a Convergence!  Great weather! While numerous PAX were Rucking (WaveRucker) and biking (Salty Gears), High Interest and YHC were meeting in the super gloom at Krispy Kreme donuts picking up coffeeteria goods for the 2nd F after Convergence.  BTW, 10 dozen donuts and 6 boxes of coffee is way too …

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BackBlast BombSquad dropping BOMBS

BombSquad dropping BOMBS

AO BombSquad Conditions 80’s, 70% humidity (still not used to it) Glad to see Rousey back in the Grand Strand after a stint up north. Surprised to see a couple of #kotters come out in Bobsled and Backdraft! Other than that, we had the typical BombSquad guys (the Squadron? bombsquardians?… gotta come up with some …

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BackBlast Its No Walk In The Park . . . SuperGloom Pre-run

Its No Walk In The Park . . . SuperGloom Pre-run

AO: BombSquad Conditions: 75 Degrees, calm YHC has missed the pre-runs at BombSquad during our training for the P200 a few months ago, so a late evening tweet was sent out to the PAX to see if there was any interest in getting back in the SuperGloom. As YHC reviewed recent tweets, YHC also saw …

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BackBlast BIG Saturday @ Bombsquad

BIG Saturday @ Bombsquad

  Great Turnout today with a FNG from brown bag, a DR pax (Texas Ranger, Carpex) and the infamous Goldberg on loan from the Republic. YHC rolled in and was inspired by Penelope’s Catapult pain stations and requested help from Quaker and Goldberg loading coupons. COP SSH Merkins Tempo Squats 5 Burpees Shoulder Series TTT …

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79* Hot and Beautiful!!!   YHC woke up feeling DAN6EROUS and knew a great workout was gonna happen. The morning went as smoothly as possible and the motorcar rolled out of the garage at 0509. Arrived at the empty AO at 0521 and dropped off the world famous DJ equipment in the small parking lot …

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BackBlast Memorial Day “Murph” 5-27-19

Memorial Day “Murph” 5-27-19

Conditions: 77 degrees and humid, Memorial Day Morn. The ‘MURPH” honoring Lt. Michael Murphy. ALL PAX arrived early for the impending hard beatdown ahead, some of us with butterflies in pit of stomach.  I noted to others that sometimes the beatdown is easier when you don’t know what’s coming. Thang: COP: (lead by Skidmark) SSH …

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BackBlast Lone Ranger No More

Lone Ranger No More

AO BombSquad Conditions 70’s, 80ish % humidity! (Texas guys aren’t used to this kind of humidity) YHC got to the AO early to set up some cones for the coming beatdown and to check out the coupon situation. I had planned to use some pallets, but all of the glorious pallets that Handy dropped off …

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BackBlast 6 PAX for Saturday Beatdown

6 PAX for Saturday Beatdown

Conditions:  About 70 and a little humid YHC loves Saturday beatdowns.  The extra 30 minutes of sleep, 15 more minutes to work out,  and knowing I have the day off just seems to give me more energy.  The goal for the day was to keep moving and try to hit about every area of the …

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