BackBlast Full body Beat down!!

Full body Beat down!!

70ish…. humid , mosquitoes everywhere If the workout didn’t kill you the west Nile would have. BRO the bugs this morning….. I showed up early about 0515 started relocating the coupons and whatever else I had set up for this mornings workout in the back parking lot Cinderblocks, the cut up telephone poles, sand bag. …

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BackBlast Back where it all started!

Back where it all started!

Conditions: High 60s, a bit humid due to previous torrential rains, and apx. 50% chance of rain.  For posterity sake, the state of SC has loosened up assembling restrictions re: COVID-19 allowing us to post together outdoors, but we now are in the midst of a civil rights/color of law crisis re: George Floyd who …

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YHC arrived about 20min. early to scope the sight conditions. Had planned to be in the football field for the beatdown but the field was drooling with dew and my shoes were soaked after jogging the perimeter. The asphalt became the drier option. The 4 corners of the building parking lot became our arena. Warm …

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BackBlast WE’RE BAAACK!!!


72* with a nice breeze.   WE’RE BAAACK!!!   The excitement was in the Air as the Pax Of The Grand Strand will be heading out into the Gloom from this day forward. YHC knew that a great beatdown would need to be choreographed both for the physical aspect and the keep ‘em separated part …

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BackBlast TRSAC & the April Fools

TRSAC & the April Fools

AO: The Body Shop Conditions: Covid-19 lock down Covid-19 Restrictions have gone into effect and all AO have been closed since March 16, 2020. Everyone was in limbo, some fought the restrictions initially (no names will be mentioned) but then Texas Ranger had a brilliant idea on how to stay active and retain all the …

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BackBlast Quiet on the Sets

Quiet on the Sets

AO: Virtual Conditions: Dry inside our garages, rain & wind outside YHC has attended a few virtual beatdowns over the past 2 weeks, however, I have been hesitant to Q one due to the potential noise factor.  I feared I might wake the dog and in turn wake the M. It was one thing to …

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BackBlast The Quaker Express

The Quaker Express

  AO: HulkyGears Conditions: 51 degrees, cool   YHC got a text the night before that Spork & Skimmer were planning a ride from the Hulk starting at 6:30 and asked if I would be interested. At first I was hesitant and wanted to follow the federal guidelines for social distances but after further reflection, …

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BackBlast Day Umteen Thousand of World Shutdown

Day Umteen Thousand of World Shutdown

70ish   Modified Virtual Disclaimer recited in plank position.    Crankbait noticed that we were Three-Quarters of our Lock’d & Loaded Shieldlock, where’s Humpback?   10 Merkins SC 20 SSH IC 20 TTT IC 20 IW IC 20 HillBillies IC   COUPON WORK   15 OHP w/ Coupon OYO 15 Bent Over Rows w/ Coupon …

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BackBlast Chuck Bryson from Shelby!

Chuck Bryson from Shelby!

It was the first virtual Q for YHC and it could definitely use a little improvement! Audio was different when leading. Couldn’t hear as well! Camera angle is crucial. We made it work, after a quick phone call to BrownBag and away we went!   Warmups: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Squats, Windmill, stretch, Arm Circles, Merkins, …

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BackBlast Mr. Worldwide & The New Normal

Mr. Worldwide & The New Normal

AO: BombSquad Conditions: 67 degrees, heavy downpour Just before start then drizzle on and off A Flurry of late night texts went around the AO about the possibility of a beatdown today. ERC, who can no longer go to his gym stated since the shutdown began that he will be at The Village or BombSquad …

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