BackBlast K.I.S.S.


AO: BombSquad Conditions: 42 and chilly, but not too bad Well I told myself that I would do my best to start reaching out to kotters around the region that have been on my mind recently, as its always great to get some #HIM that we all know back into the gloom. Lucky for me, …

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DATE: 1.28.2023 REGION: GRANDSTRAND CONDITIONS: Perfect BACK GROUND MUSIC: Well I’m not much of a writer but I’ll try my best to capture the pomp and circumstance that ensued at the Mothership during the peaceful transfer of leadership from our former Nant’an, Headgear, to YHC. First off, I would like to thank Headgear and …

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BombSquad It’s raining PAX

It’s raining PAX

Completed disclaimer including fumbling my words as is typical for a Monday morning. Rain was light at this point. Began with typical warm up including SSH, temp squats, TTT, windmills, little baby arm circles, over head clap…….rain was getting heavier at this point After warm up; light run around the AO landing at the student …

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BackBlast A Bit of Both

A Bit of Both

I arrived at the AoQ at 5:20 to begin setting up with Pikachu’s assistance (and torture devices), Beefsteak and Jeter were out running somewhere (separately). After setting up too much equipment that was hardly used, I caught up with Doughboy for the very end of his run, then did a little social warm-up as PAX …

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BackBlast Long March

Long March

So in honor of MLK Day, I had to come up with something. I trolled F3 Nation slack for some ideas, but didn’t see anything I truly liked. Few days prior at Warthog, Baggage pulled a string of pearls out for his birthday Q, which was fun. A little research on the heroics of Martin …

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BackBlast Elevator, Elevator . . . You Got the Shaft

Elevator, Elevator . . . You Got the Shaft

AO: BombSquad Conditons: 39 degrees, Perfect Nothing gets YHC more energized in the morning then seeing multiple Pax pre-running to the work out (except maybe pre-running myself). The Beatdown is the lynchpin, however, the activities that happen before and after a beatdown are essential to a vibrant AO and Region! Not only did I pass …

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BackBlast Thrust into ’23

Thrust into ’23

Weather: 51 degrees. Fog setting in around 5:45am. Warm-up on the go: Imperial walkers, LBACs, cherry pickers, and ‘mericans (23). Partner Block work: Station 1: Combined 100 Block swings – Partner 2 mosey down and back. Station 2: Combined 150 Block Humpers- Partner 2 does 20 Bulgarian squats then swaps out. Station 3: Combined 200 …

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BackBlast 12/28/22 Bomb Squad, Lifts and Laps

12/28/22 Bomb Squad, Lifts and Laps

-Conditions: 30 degrees, no wind, dark, dry, sky’s clear. 10 pax posted to work off some Christmas cookies at a slightly warmer beat down than the previous few days have offered and discovered that 30 degrees is significantly more comfortable workout weather than 20 degrees and shouldn’t prevent anyone from posting. For all the fair-weather …

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BackBlast Just Keep Us Moving

Just Keep Us Moving

AO: BombSquad Conditions: 20s and cold “Just keep us moving” that was the only request prior to the beatdown from Rousey as he was the first to HC the day before. Considering the temps would be in the 20s, I figured that was probably the wisest choice. Honestly I didn’t have high hopes for a …

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