BackBlast Appetizers


Candy Cane reached out to on Tuesday to ask about having a mini-convergence on Thanksgiving at Plantation Lakes Clubhouse in advance of the annual Turkey Trot. Word was put out about the alternate AO and start time. COP 10 Burpees OYO 15 Hairy Rockettes 10 Willie Mays Hayes 15 Thru The Tunnels 15 Don Quixotes …

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BackBlast The Lines Are Not Your Friend

The Lines Are Not Your Friend

K.I.S.S. Principle today. No cones, no tires and sledgehammers, no frills. Warm up, take a lap, grab blocks, head to big lot. First set: 10 curls at line 1, 5 OHP at next line, repeat to end of lot which is 17 lines. Instantly Judge Judy started bitching about the set being a bit ambitious. …

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BackBlast Catapult Escalator

Catapult Escalator

AO: Catapult Conditions: 50s and clear Boxcar hit me up yesterday afternoon and asked if I was up for a pre-run. I promptly responded with an “SC” as I hate pre-runs mainly because I have to get up an extra 15-20 min early to stretch ever since I tore my achilles. But after taking a …

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BackBlast Tropical Storm Catapult

Tropical Storm Catapult

Conditions– Breezy in anticipation of Tropical Storm Nicole/Depression or whatever it is 🙂 I was anticipating a 50/50 chance of rain this morning, so I prepped accordingly to take shelter underneath the church awning. However, we were able to keep The Thang outside in the AO. Kotter, Flatliner, rolled in on his bike and Sideout …

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BackBlast Discipline produces a harvest of righteousness!

Discipline produces a harvest of righteousness!

Weather-60 degree’s with a blood moon 5:13 2 minutes waning called Proper F3 Disclaimer COP 20 SSH IC 15 TTT IC 15 Windmills IC 5 Burpees OYO LBAC forward/backwards Shoulder claps Squat Airpresses TIME TO WORK Mosey around the facility–15 dips/15 step ups followed by 20 dips / 20 step ups IC Indian run back …

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BackBlast Last minute plan change

Last minute plan change

These BB are really starting to pile up here. Second this week and still one more to go. But 1st challenge has its way of pushing our bodies. With my ankle injury the pre runs are out so I need to start rucking to switch it up. I don’t like to recycle Q and do …

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BackBlast Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat

Yesterday for YHC was spent trying to stay awake at the office and stretching out sore and tired muscles and joints after a weekend in DC finishing the Marine Corps Marathon with Bling. Mid-afternoon I decided to update my sheet for the 1stF Challenge, which had taken a beating being DR for the last week …

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BackBlast Catapult 2.0

Catapult 2.0

So with the challenge going on YHC has been limited to a select few days a week to hop on the Q sheet at different AOs across the region in order to fulfill the required amount for the bonus. Lets be honest about a few things backblasts are showing up more than pax at Catapult, …

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BackBlast DIEGO!


Conditions: 40 whole degrees (in Farenheit!) COP: 15 Hairy Rockettes 15 Tempo Squats 10 Willie Mayes Hayes 15 Thru The Tunnel 15 Imperial Walkers 15 Little Baby Arm Circles FWD/RVS 10 Big Baby Arm Cirlces FWD/RVS 25 Side Straddle Hops The Thang: Mosey around the perimeter to the block pile for everyone to pick out …

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BackBlast No Rest for the Weary (Heart rate up!)

No Rest for the Weary (Heart rate up!)

Numbers a little down. I guess the old Fart Sack was feeling good. FYI: Just learned what Fart sack meant this morning. LOL The Thang: Conditions: Beautiful morning! 60 degrees, low humidity, time to sweat. Excitement of the 2nd Time Q. Focused on memorizing the F3 Mission and I nailed it. Forgot to review the …