BackBlast Rainy Blocks

Rainy Blocks

AO: Catapult PAX: 11 Conditions:  75 degrees, rain half way through YHC arrived early to go through game plan. Our fearless leader (AOQ), O’douls, showed up followed by a suburban packed filled of The Oyster PAX. Came out to support a FNG that lives close to the AO. Awesome. Looked like we were going to …

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BackBlast A ‘Tension’ Please

A ‘Tension’ Please

Conditions: 75, felt good Fist bumped all PAX and my gloves were RIPE. 1 Minute Warning. F3 Misson. Disclaimer. The Warmup (COP) SSH x15 IC TTT x15 IC Harry Rockettes x15 IC LBACs x15 IC hold LBACs (Reverse) x15 IC hold Chinooks x15 IC hold The beginning of tension… Got into plank position and did …

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BackBlast Isosceles


Conditions: Clear and 73 more humid than recently Right off the bat things looked a little off and it was the missing AO Catapult American Flag Shovel – the AOQ O’Douls was letting us all know that the penalty was 25 Burpees when he saw fit to delve them out. Where was HOJO with the …

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BackBlast Old School Tour Day 8…

Old School Tour Day 8…

Conditions Rain held off…hot and muggy Day 8….this was a mistake….old bodies need rest…pain…Advil…Epsom salt.  Only 3 more to go and one of those is the 20 year 9-11 Memorial workout.  Wow.  BRUTAL!  Those were some of the thoughts as Bling and I planned this weinke and compared our aches and pains…that is…until the numbers …

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BackBlast No IPC1 Rousey!

No IPC1 Rousey!

Conditions: Low 80s, slightly humid, and gloomy. YHC (QIC) turn to lead the #HIM of the #Catapult (CP)!  CP is a moderate pace bootcamp that is IR-FNG-Kotter friendly.  It doesn’t mean that workouts are easy, it means that the Q has to work a little harder planning a WOD that has the right blend of …

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BackBlast Playing with squishy balls

Playing with squishy balls

So with Covid issues my man O’douls  asked me to step and and Q for a fill in. Jumped on the chance especially since I got a new slam ball I’ve been wanting to try. Also this is the first month I haven’t been in the Q sheet in like a year and a half. …

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BackBlast Too many knuckleheads for a VQ

Too many knuckleheads for a VQ

Conditions: 77 and humid, like every day since mid May 1 minute warning, perfect execution of the Mission due to unreasonable amount of rehearsing, disclaimer. QIC request to AOQ to keep mumblechatter to a minimum, denied I get the feeling I’m alone here, but I thought every new Pax secretly wanted 4-5 guys at his …

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BackBlast Block It Out

Block It Out

Humid WELCOME BACK FLATLINER – special guest 1-Minute Warning F3 Mission, don’t sue, modify COP: Through the tunnel x 15 (IC) SSH x 15 (IC) LBAC’s x 15 (IC) LBAC’s Reverse x 15 (IC) Seal Claps x 15 (IC) Overhead Claps x 15 (IC) Hillbillies x 15 (IC) Mericans x 22 (IC) Mosey to bleachers by concession stand Dips x …

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BackBlast Forget Me Not – Q

Forget Me Not – Q

AO: Catapult Conditions: Humid as usual but a little cooler than past few days probably 78 and clear. Being as I am no spring chicken (probably not even a summer chicken) and being as I have been at the beach for the last week with family and had just returned from taking my son Will …

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BackBlast Q has no name.

Q has no name.

A pleasant morning in the low 70s for an August beatdown. Wanted to focus on legs and core with this workout as it seems since we started adding stretching to the end of work outs that Mary has been getting short thrift. COP Capri Run 15 Hairy Rockettes, IC 10 Through The Tunnel, IC 15 …

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