BackBlast Wave till it burns

Wave till it burns

AO: Catapult Conditions: A beautiful comfortable 59 degrees and ripe for a beatdown to warm the body Originally my buddy O’douls had the Q today but he was feeling the effects of this chest cold going around lately. So I offered to help him out and Cover his Q. I’ve come to actually enjoy leading …

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BackBlast Thrown to the Wolves

Thrown to the Wolves

AO: Catapult Conditions 68 and awesome once again Showed up to the parking lot and it was full. I was surprised and didn’t expect a large crowd today. Figured we’d be back to our 5-6 guys. High Interest asked who was on Q as Twitter said Special Co Q. Told him what was happening as …

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BackBlast Costume party anyone

Costume party anyone

AO: Catapult Conditions 71 and it feels great. Leading up to the Workout OneCall informed me that the PAX would be a larger number than were used to at Catapult. Catapult is used to 5-6 PAX so when a big crowd shows up, must be…. oh that’s right #Shieldlock and Best Team padding their numbers …

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BackBlast Catapult – The year of the homerun

Catapult – The year of the homerun

Conditions: Low Seventies, clear skies, a little humid like its been for weeks.  I felt prepared and had a good workout planned but God seemed to have a different plan at least for my Q portion of this workout.  Great turnout with 16 guys and all ready to rock and roll.  Crankbait and The Choice …

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BackBlast No shoes…no problem!

No shoes…no problem!

Conditions: Mid 70s, little humidity and dry. YHC/QIC’s turn to lead the #Catapult (CP) #HIM this morning! As mentioned previously and confirmed 2 days prior to the crew, today’s #weinke was designed as a “fit test”.  This was to determine progress achieved against our base line that we established a few months ago.  YHC used a familiar circuit so that …

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BackBlast How many kotters/FNGs???

How many kotters/FNGs???

Conditions Warm in the 70’s Well, I wanted to obey Rousey and get on his Catapult Q sheet.  Boom, no Rousey.  Thursdays are his day off!  But there were 18 other #HIM ready to get after it.  T-Claps to my #Shieldlock team for making the trek to post here instead of #Warthog like usual.  And …

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Catapult Baseball Practice

Baseball Practice

Conditions– Upper 50s and BEAUTIFUL! You couldn’t ask for a better morning. I am looking forward to this weather! I came into the parking lot this morning to meet a new PAX/Kotter- Niptuck. Welcomed him back to the group and look forward to seeing him at future Catapult AO workouts. This greeting was followed by …

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Catapult Catapult Four Square

Catapult Four Square

Conditions: Low 70s, dewy, and humid I arrived bright and early at about 5:00 AM set up some cones and moved a couple of log coupons to the football field which was covered in a heavy dew and promised all would be soaked with sweat and dew by end. A lot of contemplation went into …

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BackBlast Catapult Remembers 9/11

Catapult Remembers 9/11

AO: Catapult Warm and humid with no end in sight Since Catapult doesn’t actually meet on the 9/11 anniversary, we honored the fallen hero’s a day early. With some conflicting research I developed a workout to honor the fallen Police Officers, Firefighters, Medical Professionals,   Etc… you get the idea of what I was going …

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BackBlast Labor Day After

Labor Day After

YHC  arrived at 5:05 to find 1 pax( Early Bird….that figures) awaiting in the gloom. After I did a quick scan around the AO we circled up called time as number 6 rolled in. I was either rusty from laying low due to an injury or half asleep. The 1st exercise called was windmills but …

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