BackBlast Ball of Confusion

Ball of Confusion

Workout Date: 10/13/2020 QIC: 1st Base Pax: Candy Cane, Pikachu, O’Douls, Hojo, Lombardi, Brown Bag, Single Barrel, Rubber, Bobby Filet, Little Cesars, Bling, Humpback, Box Car, Geno, Kiwi The Thang: Conditions: Pleasant Upper 60s YHC had been given a heads up by Pikachu the evening before that a Kotter was expected and to make sure …

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BackBlast The Catapult Shuffle

The Catapult Shuffle

Conditions– PERFECT- High 50s/Low 60s and pleasant YHC headed down to Catapult with the anticipation of getting down faster than usual with the new open west bound lane on Carolina Forest Blvd. It’s a relief not being worried about a head-on collision with the traffic going westbound. Pikachu was the first to arrive and we …

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BackBlast Honoring Jacob “Hightower” Hancher

Honoring Jacob “Hightower” Hancher

This will be simple, and not a normal backblast.  We came together as a community.  F3.  FiA.  Friends.  Family.  Young and old.  From near and far.  Various backgrounds and hometowns.  Veterans, rookies, and newcomers.  We came together as ONE group to honor Jacob.  Work was done.  The specifics are unimportant.  We honored Jacob.  His age.  …

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BackBlast Catapult day of remembrance

Catapult day of remembrance

AO Catapult Conditions: Cool, light breeze  and perfect So my Q date took a crazy turn of events. I already planned to pay tribute to my brother Martin. Which to be honest since loosing him 8 years ago, it’s just never gets easier. Just understand how to handle this time of year better. October 5, …

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BackBlast “Hightower” Jacob Hancher – Badge # 374; EOW 10/03/20

“Hightower” Jacob Hancher – Badge # 374; EOW 10/03/20

Conditions Nice.  Cool.  Mid 60’s F3Nation is a BROTHERHOOD.  When one is lost, we ALL grieve.  This past weekend, we lost one of our local PAX who was serving the community he loved as a Myrtle Beach Police Officer.  Private First Class Jacob Hancher.  Hightower.  So young.  We all grieve and the Nation grieves over …

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BackBlast Catapult IPC Week 5

Catapult IPC Week 5

Well… Im finally able to sit down and knock out all my backblasts for the week, I especially wanted to write this one since Pikachu wants to steal my moves.  I arrived at the AO about 10 mins early and was the first to show.  As I made my final preparations in the back parking …

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BackBlast Everything is better with Blocks

Everything is better with Blocks

AO Catapult Conditions: Perfect with a breeze So I slacked in getting the Q sheet filled this month and thought a random Pax would show up I could pawn the Q off onto but that didn’t happen. So here we are, I don’t fill the sheet, I get to Q. Didn’t really have a plan …

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BackBlast Off into the Wild blue Yonder.

Off into the Wild blue Yonder.

You will have to forgive me, I have a lot to get out in this. So, fare warning. Well………the anticipation had been looming for a few weeks. I keep getting the same question. How are you feeling? My answer for the last week has been some where between, What the hell am I getting my …

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BackBlast Redemption Q

Redemption Q

YHC  told Pikachu last month to put me back on the Q sheet so I could redeem myself from the blooper filled Q I led last time.  Even though I had a winke last time I was unprepared and maybe half asleep. LOL.  According to the pax, today was a success. Here is how it …

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BackBlast Catapult Cones!

Catapult Cones!

AO: Catapult Start Time: 5:15 So oddly enough, this was my Catapult VQ.  I have been to Catapult at least a couple of other times but with trying to be at BombSquad every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, and then doing the F3 (EMAW) bible study on Thursday morning’s and Salty Gears some Friday morning’s, I …

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