BackBlast Civil War Era WaveRucker.

Civil War Era WaveRucker.

Good to be back at it on Wednesday- the best workout of the region, or country for that matter.  We have been putting the hard WaveRucker Q’s on the back burner for a little while as we crush these quarantine Star Courses (and having a blast planning and completing them!). But, as we slowly get …

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BackBlast Time for Plan B

Time for Plan B

Our dear brother Lombardi got to celebrate his birthday by qing a beatdown of epic proportions. Unfortunately YHC was unable to attend, but I heard that it was a gruesome series of exercise and movements that left all sore and unable to move. And that is why there were only 2 pax for this mornings …

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BackBlast Phase 1 of Recovery

Phase 1 of Recovery

In these unprecedented times, even the smallest of return to normal is a huge victory. Today at WaveRucker he had such a victory as 6 pax gathered in the gloom to get back to enjoying the good life in a vary fair way. While the underlying theme of most Waverucker Q’s and beatdowns have a …

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BackBlast Ain’t nobody gonna believe this!

Ain’t nobody gonna believe this!

Conditions 61 #WaveRucker!!!!  Wednesday March 11, 2020.  WHOAAAAA…I have been married 20 years!  How you ask?  Well, I have a ton of expertise to share – none of it marriage related tho!  HA!  All on the M for her faith and patience primarily!!  And of course – GOD! With 20 years under my belt…I had …

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BackBlast Ruck, Run, Ruck, Run…..Faster!!

Ruck, Run, Ruck, Run…..Faster!!

Waverucker Wednesday- still attempting to make this a National Weekly Holiday.  update coming this Nov after the elections. OK- this is our last training sessions before we conquer the MB Marathon this weekend!  So- we would simply do miles this am. posted in Slack- 5 minute fast pace ruck, then 1 minute mosey.  Weather- 60 …

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BackBlast Thor ain’t got nothing on Waverucker…..

Thor ain’t got nothing on Waverucker…..

Star Date- 2/26/20.  T minus 12 days until our “mini Star course” known as the MB Marathon.  A 26.2 mile ruck, in under 6.5 hours! Valvano put us thru a tough, fast paced trek Monday with Elevation in order to get us better prepared.  I took those notes and created a Q for Waverucker that …

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BackBlast Young Ruffians

Young Ruffians

Conditions: Unseasonably warm 68 degrees, but SC weather is now being known to have all 4 seasons in a week’s time! YHC/QIC’s second Q at #Waverucker (WR).  The veteran Pax here have consistently led some awesome workouts that have often smoked YHC (even before time was called!) combined with the strong comradery a group can …

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BackBlast Waverucker 2/5

Waverucker 2/5

ok- here we are.  2 weeks out from the Bragg Heavy- final prep work needs to be completed as Valvano, One Call and I head up there next weekend for a quick workout!  I appreciate Rousey handing over the Q to me last night.  Not that he would have done a good job (he does …

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BackBlast Get Up and Repeat!

Get Up and Repeat!

AO: WaveRucker Conditions: 37 degrees, clear Still trying to Q at every AO.  For January, my new AOs were BeachBells and today, WaveRucker. I got on the Q sheet early and spent a little time during the month coming up with ideas.  My back has been a little tight so couple of days out, I …

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BackBlast A little bit of this, a little bit of that

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

Conditions Mid 30s. Cool Bling has kicked out butts lately with PT.  I heard Hoser did too on NY Day, but unfortunately had to miss that one.  So it was time to keep up the pattern and go back to our initial ruck training roots of Pathfinder.  We would do miles and then solid PT. …

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