BackBlast First Waverucker Q

First Waverucker Q

I was at the Warhog Qed by Wolverine a few weeks ago and Hoser asked if I wanted to Q waverucker. I hadn’t thought about it, I mostly have trouble getting through the workout, but I said sure. It is the last ruck before Valvano makes everyone quit rucking on the 27th so why not. …

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BackBlast HulkaRucker


AO: WaveRucker Conditions: Clear. 39 degrees.  Big change from yesterday’s 60 degrees but not negative temps like PAX elsewhere are facing..and posting in. It was my turn to Q WaveRucker and it is extremely hard to follow up on the last several WaveRucker Qs and recent GrowRuck22 training.  Valvano, OneCall, Bling and Hoser know how …

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BackBlast Head Games

Head Games

Head games, it’s you and me baby Head games, and I can’t take it anymore Head games, I don’t wanna play the Head games Name the group Waverucker crew!  This Classic rock band is still kicking in 2021!  As One Call and I were drinking smooth whiskey one night, while listening to this above band, …

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BackBlast Shoulder Smoke Fest

Shoulder Smoke Fest

Weather- A Balmy 33 degrees with about a 10-15 MPH wind resulting in a blazing feels like temperature of 23 degrees. The Q sheet was open on Monday for the privilege to Q the best AO in the region. YHC deiced to step up and try to keep that standard. We have had a rash …

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BackBlast GrowRuck22 Training Session #1

GrowRuck22 Training Session #1

Conditions – COLD COLD COLD  26 with real feel of 23.  PERFECT MORNING FOR RUCKING!!! Headgear has worked very hard behind the scenes to get a GrowRuck here in MB.  This is a huge deal and we are very proud of his efforts/bribes.  If he is your financial planner – check your accounts right around …

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BackBlast Peking Duck Day

Peking Duck Day

AO: WaveRucker Conditions: 51 Degrees, Clear, Windy, felt liked about 46 degrees. A nice change from some of the colder weather we have had recently. WaveRucker routinely attracts about 8 or so PAX and we have seen numbers tick up lately as the F3 GrandStrand PAX are getting excited (or at least curious) about GrowRuck …

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BackBlast Basic work to get stronger

Basic work to get stronger

Conditions Coldish #WaveRucker!!!  Expected to see the 80+ PAX in the rucking channel post.  Or at least those in the GrowRuck channel.  Or the other 19 channels Soto has set up about GrowRuck. Maybe soon!!!!  Gotta start training men!!!!  We did have our regular crew of AWESOME dudes!!!  Hoser, Lombardi, Valvano, Spinal Tap (now a …

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BackBlast Unofficial Official Birthday Q

Unofficial Official Birthday Q

So Valvano closed gave us an awesome beatdown on the last Waverucker of 2020, and YHC wanted to keep that ball rolling as we start 2021. Spoiler alert, I failed. YHC took this Q as this would be my last Waverucker at the spry age of 35. YHC also had the Q on Saturday for …

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BackBlast 2020/2021 Q on the Fly

2020/2021 Q on the Fly

YHC took this Q a while back hoping to send WaveRucker out of 2020 on a high note, but then proceeded to leave my 2020/2021 Q at the office last night, so ended up modifying on the fly a bit.  Hopefully it still lived up to the WaveRucker standard.  Hoser asked what equipment would be …

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BackBlast Who Called Security!?!

Who Called Security!?!

In wanting to continue this trend of using WaveRucker, the best day of the week, to continue to train for the upcoming GrowRuck, YHC decide it was time for pax to get use to Rucking on the beach. YHC promised that today would be about miles and light PT. There would be no sandbags, logs, …

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