BackBlast The Three Amigos

The Three Amigos

A quick look on the Q sheet Tuesday morning showed that this mornings Q was wide open, (HINT NEXT WEDNESDAY IS OPEN ALSO). So YHC put out the notice that I would take the Q for today and to bring sandbags and rucks. 3 pax arrived braved the subarctic temperatures this morning and showed up …

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BackBlast WaveRucking With Weasel

WaveRucking With Weasel

Well…. the LAST Waverucker of 2021.   I was finally able to get back on the Q sheet for ONE of my favorite workouts, (Friday Morning Lights is starting to grow on me).  I set my alarm for 0300, smashed the snooze button, popped up after the M just went to bed (had to stay …

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BackBlast Give Us Clear Directions Rousey!!

Give Us Clear Directions Rousey!!

Conditions: Mid 40s and misty ( despite a 75% chance of rain in the forecast) — awesome!! QIC / YHC wanted to step up and Q to give the WaveRucker (WR) pros a break and get back into rucking since King James’s (YHC’s 2.0 / Shortie) football season was over.  YHC has his sites set …

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BackBlast No way!!!

No way!!!

AO: WaveRucker Conditions: Cold, clear Rucks only. We rucked, did 100 step ups with rucks in front of the theatre.  The Market Common maintenance guy came over and asked why were were doing that (He knows us because we see him often).  He proceeded to call Fergie the old guy.  We told him he was …

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BackBlast ARM-V


Conditions Chilly.  40ish Today is my dad’s 72nd birthday…so I took a Q from a few years ago that I did in his honor after a quadruple bypass surgery.  Now, a few years later, with a new heart, shoulder, and knees…he is kicking butt!  The original was a bootcamp, so I had to modify for …

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BackBlast Just plain old rucking…and some other stuff

Just plain old rucking…and some other stuff

AO: WaveRucker Conditions: Cool. 52 degrees and clear. As of Monday this week the WaveRucker Q sheet was still empty.  YHC didn’t really want to put a ruck on after completing the Chad 1000x WOD on Sunday but YHC also got skunked without any PAX posting to my last WaveRucker Q two weeks ago so …

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BackBlast Miles


Cool and nice.  We rucked for 1.4 hours helping Bling train for DC next week.  Great fellowship!  Bling prayed us out. Announcements Date night December 4 Christmas party December 11    

BackBlast Where am I?

Where am I?

AO: WaveRucker Conditions: Cool, clear and perfect The WaveRucker crew is a pretty consistent bunch and they all typically rotate their turn on the 4 Q opportunities each month.  YHC jumped on here about a month ago, probably before injuring my back during IPC Week 4 (Yes, YHC has been talking about this for a …

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BackBlast Should have gone to Cubby’s!!!

Should have gone to Cubby’s!!!

Conditions Got nice and chilly on us – 49 Had a fun little plan worked out.  But: BC – resting Lombardi – injured Valvano – World Series Soto – injured Rousey – injured Hoser – back home at 2am from work Runway – ??? Fergie – too busy filling the #WH Q sheet with the …

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BackBlast Low Impact Miles

Low Impact Miles

Having received a few inquiries the day prior requesting the level of PT planned for #WaveRucker, YHC understood that some PAX were ailing slightly and decided to Q with a few options in mind depending on who all showed up.  At 0428 Bling and OneCall pulled in and it was looking like it would be …

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