BackBlast Legs


Conditions 80 and humid as heck Hoser had the Q.  But was considered “close contact” last week so decided to “self-isolate” (i.e., binge watch The Golden Girls on Hulu).  So YHC took it.  Had a plan.  Plan destroyed based on low numbers as Fergie is MIA, Jingles hasn’t made it back yet, 1% chance of …

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BackBlast Miles and CHAD1000x Training

Miles and CHAD1000x Training

YHC had requested HCs on Slack last night, but realized I forgot to mention whether or not we’d be using sandbags.  So, I arrived to #WaveRucker with two weinkes in mind.  The other 6 PAX were already assembled and had a few bags laying out. I opted for the bag-less option, but left the possibility …

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BackBlast 20 years ago – 9/11/01 – #NeverForget

20 years ago – 9/11/01 – #NeverForget

“I can hear you, the rest of the world can hear you and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon.” ― George W. Bush 20 years ago, this Nation was shook to its core.  Today would be a time to honor those that gave it all and remember them and …

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BackBlast Omaha! Omaha! Omaha!

Omaha! Omaha! Omaha!

Weather typical, warm and humid The announcement was put out for pax to bring rucks and sandbags this morning. YHC  went to bed with a good plan. Well as Robert Burns wrote “The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men Gang aft agley” for those of you that don’t speak or study Scots in means …

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BackBlast #OldSchool Day 1

#OldSchool Day 1

Conditions Muggy again.  82 degrees Bling and I have signed up to Q every AO over the next 3 weeks.  Just sharing the love we have, bringing some #OldSchool stuff back, playing some rocking tunes, and seeing awesome dudes!!!!! The #OldSchool #WaveRucker started, as Valvano reminded us, with a 45 minute ruck with NO sandbags.  …

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BackBlast Shaken, not stirred at #WR

Shaken, not stirred at #WR

Conditions: Gross…humid and no wind…August in SC. QIC / YHC wanted to step up and Q to give the WaveRucker (WR) pros a break and get back into rucking after life got in the way post GTE22.  No Bear w/ Me or Robbie Miller ruck WODs…had to come up w/ something fresh w/ some historical …

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BackBlast Opportunity


AO: WaveRucker Conditions: Miserable.  82 degrees; 95% Humidity; Feels like temp was 93 degrees. Forgot to pack up my ruck and sandbag last night so had to throw it in the truck this morning and didn’t bring extras like I normally do.   Rolled up to the AO a little early and Hoser was already …

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BackBlast Off to The Citadel

Off to The Citadel

Conditions Hot and HUMID OneCall (Dad) kept trying to make this harder.  More sandbags.  Heavier sandbags.  I just wanted to sleep.  I’ll be waking up early starting in a few days!!  But he signed me up to Q and I wanted to see his friends and mine and awesome guys who have supported me and …

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BackBlast Olympic Speed

Olympic Speed

Conditions 75 degrees with 100% humidity 1 minute Disclaimer given The THANG YHC had posted to Slack the night before to go heavy on sandbags. There would be no SB reps and they’ll only be carried 1/4 mile at a time, max!  Well, Fergie immediately said he was out. As YHC rolled into the WH …

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BackBlast #BSMMSC


Conditions: Temperature: 73 degrees, clear Warm Up Mosey – 400m OH Ruck Hold – 400m Farmer Carry – 400m Mosey – 400m “Ruck Up” and  we’re off thru Grand Park to Farrow Park to Warbird Park near the intersection of Farrow Parkway and S Kings Hwy/Hwy 17 Business. At Warbird Park the following was successfully …

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